Since update 1.04 Alani's legendary isn't unlocking for me

I wasn’t to far away from unlocking her legendary gear. (four more Ambra kills and four more riptides). They nerfed her challenges and because of that I was able to unlock everything. After two games I still haven’t gotten her legendary plus I haven’t gotten the “Master of Alani” title. Anybody else having problems?

Many people have similar issues after the latest patch.
Sadly, there’s not much any other forum user could do to help with that problem.

I suggest you file a support ticket at Gearbox Support. :wink:

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They are working on it right now. They have a thread saying they are aware and are pretty close to having it fixed. I would think a week at most and we will have our achievements and legendary gear.

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What happened was when they put out the new patch it causes you to only show 50% lore and mastery done on the character screen but if you look at the character info page it shows you having 100% done I have two characters that just mastered that I haven’t gotten anything for them so your not the only 1

Yeah same here. I sent my problem in to the support staff and the development team is supposed to be working on it.

I just got Master of Galilea fine but still no Alani.