Since we have global chat in Chaos Rumble, let's seize the opportunity and make sure all players on all sides know the basics!

Go in, pop into party chat and tell everyone that Push To Talk is T, party chat is Y, Pinging is C, B will teleport which refills health and shields, etc. Ever have a match and just wish you could tell the newbies on the other side roughly what they should be doing? Now we finally can! We can literally explain every PvP mode!

Yeah, I’m sure some people will bitch that they’re CR60 and already know everything, but you know what, better to be safe than sorry. Squelch the whiners, and let’s teach some newbies so the matchmaking can finally do its’ thing!

Yeah I was trying to help yesterday.

Especially when I heard 'Oooooh Meltdown, ive never played this mode before"

“Okay guys, get those minions in the god damn grinders, mmkay”

Yeah, this is a good opportunity. I kind of regret that I didn’t help one enemy team out when they struggled to take me (Galilea) and my healer (Ambra) out. Could have given them tips on how to deal with a combo like that! And especially should have reminded them about quick melee; I got them pinned a lot because they didn’t know they could push me back I suppose.

Though on the other hand I’d rather give advice to the enemy when I’m rolling with my team since we don’t mind “going easy” on the enemy or helping them out a little. With Randoms on your team it’s a little different since they might find it insulting if you help the enemy out. Gotta make sure your team is okay with that, too.

Yeah I had a good chat going with a random from the enemy team, I was killing as Montanna and he offered to help me get my 25 kills tag (whatever that is).

I told him thanks, but I would rather earn it, but it really narked his team mates.

To be fair some people were probably finding him really annoying (I was just laughing the whole game mainly, he kept trying to get everyone to go full Miko).