Since we went inside Claptrap

Maybe in BL3 we’ll go in Wilhelm next. Or Saturn. Or Innuendobot.
Or Moxxi. :smiley:

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This would be the most interesting, but also quite possibly the most frightening…

I’m imagining it now: The inside of Moxxi is like a run down slum, more run down than New Haven, pre-burned. The STDs would be the vicious street gangs, and the police would be her immune system and white blood cells, all trying to kill you.


That would be like the Cookies Quest mine shaft, but EVERYWHERE!

Or Dr. Ted. I would explode all over everything.

Ill never miss a chance to post about him.

I noticed.


Ate you implying Moxxi is a robot @impala ?

Or just couidn’t resist the “into Moxxi” joke?


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Are the talking funs robots / thinking machines?

I know the shield / shotgun you can make from the Constructor AI is aware.

I’d like to go more into the mind of…THE BANE!

Or the Bunker - find out why he’s such a stingy / cheap bastard!

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Also…Felicity would have a pretty damn interesting background to explore!

Or the Hyperion sexy voice lady AI!

Ohhhh…insane Dahl training AI in Shock Drop Slaughter!

And he went for the Quad post! A feat even Broccoli was unwanting to accomplish!


I was inspired!

She’s a real person.

Flames, before you ask, this is one of her dialog lines. No actual conformation of her person/AI status.

It seemed to me people were divided on the issue of her being real versus AI.

We certainly never meet or see her…

But, sorry, that’s a discussion for another thread, i suppose!

Sorry, wasnt trying to derail!

Ermagerd double and quad posts!

The mind of The Bane. Its not so insane.

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@ACNAero is right, i will never do a quad post Flames, i bow down to you

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omg…i’m dying! classic.

i used to hate claptrap, but i really liked the dlc and his story made me kind of like him now. he was pretty funny in the dlc, whereas, in borderlands 2, when claptrap speaks i can feel my brain cells committing suicide one by one.

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ugh, i can’t like this comment enough. lol. hate the bunker drop rates!

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