Since When Is Sublimate on 4 sec Cooldown?

He was doing it all game too.

Weird. What is the cooldown on that? I counted about 7 or 8 seconds, I thought cooldown was longer though. With items you can reduce by around 13% max, unless he has that one legendary that has a chance of reducing cooldowns by 2 sec as well.

It’s usually like 20 seconds. From the time he gets out of sublimate and the time he gets in it again is like 4 sec from my count.

Weird, I don’t know what could have caused that then. Hacks? Was this on PC?

Nah XB1. Still trying to figure it out. Idk what he coud’ve done.

Yeah, Borrowed timer does that…

Yup, that’s probably it. Jesus…

Wow, never seen that one before. That’s a good one for Kelvin. 10% health is still like 300-400. Recoil isn’t doing anything for him tho.

yeah i need to get this for Kelvin

Yeah, I was in that match. That’s my buddy and he is rocking the borrowed timer on him just so he initiate and escape with sublimate.

Also Kelvin has a cooldown reduction for killing enemies with Chomp. Decreases it by 5 seconds, coupled with his legendary gear which refunds Chomp once if missed, add that with a 20% cooldown reduction on Chomp, and he can get Sublimate back very quickly. Any extra gear that lowers cooldown timers always dramatically helps. Think of Kelvin as the CC version of Orendi, always able to get his skills back fast.

Lol what a small world. Yeah we were convinced something fishy was going on. It’s not like he can get a lot of kills with it but that gear basically makes Kelvin unkillable

I need to get it ha