Sincere doubt about gear use

I’m wondering on how I am supposed to play this game. In bl2 I loved to have as many weapons as possible and the game kind of forced me to change according to the circumstances. But with tps I’m ‘kind of being forced’ to use the same weapon, I don’t seem to need to switch, sure it’s a little better in some situations, but not a necessity at all. (Like what happen to me also in borderlands)
So I don’t know if all this options should be used all the time. Do I have to constantly switch to the backpack and load/unload different kind of weapons, shields, coms??? (Is that the way the game was intended?)
Or the ‘normal’ (as seen in most videos found online), is to find a set of items than best match with a set of skills and take the best out of it???
Should I have in my inventory just a few items??? (Because I seem to not have enough space, but don’t seem to use any of the items in there as often as I want).
Hate to see all those weapons (and the long and tedious farming for them) just sitting in there wasting space. But don’t know if a game where you’re constantly pausing to change items is the way to go.
I hope someone understands in someway what I’m saying. I know is messy. Not even me know exactly how to put it in words. But is something that got me curious.
I think what I’m trying to say is:
Should I keep one set of gear? Or should I constantly switch items according to circumstance? (Even if there’s no real need to).

Are you not finding moonstones? They are the TPS equivalent of eridium, and Crazy Earl is waiting in Concordia to sell you more inventory space (up to the same maximum as BL2.)

Otherwise, use whatever you want whenever you want, as long as it doesn’t result in dying too much! Seriously, it isn’t really any different to BL2 as far as the loot system is concerned.

Edit to add: If there’s stuff that is now under-levelled, I always pass it down to a lower level character. If I’m done with it, I either give it to another player, sell it, or grind it.

Edit 2: was just replying to your next post when you withdrew it… I was going to add, if you want to keep stuff go the mule route (which is what a lot of players do.) If you decide you really don’t need a specific item at all, then trade it, sell it, grind it, or donate it.

Honestly tps is a lot more forgiving in the department of using what you want, I felt in borderlands 2 while I did have to change things around it was only to different elemental versions or another gun from a small list of “usable” weapons at op8 coughcoughsandhawkcoughcough Like vault hunter 101 said you can really use what ever you like.

Now you say they you only seem to use the same weapon, this may be because of your build, for instance my AA only really uses one weapon, however I do like to switch that weapon up from them to time (flayer, striker, fusilade, razorback, etc) but on my aurellia I switch guns for different situations often, and my Athena switches between melee for mobbing and elemental for bossing (almost all my gear gets switched out). Basically your build will kinda define your need to switch weapons often or not, and another great thing is in tps you can make all kinds of weird or crazy builds and the game is forgiving enough that usually you can pull it off, I just made melee nisha and she is pretty tanky.

Thanks for the answer. But that wasn’t my point.
I have max backpack and I have all 6 characters at 70.
My question is in regards of how should I manage all those items if I’m only in need of a very few.

So I was right. Every gear is skill dependent. And so are the characters. Gotta try no skills at all to see if then the gear can shine for it self.
Thanks for your answer.

It’s less about need and more about want. Since TPS is softer on the a calling side it opens up more choices

Gear isn’t completely build dependent, you can have a build that works super well with specific gear (AA jack and the flayer/quad) but like derch said you can just use whatever you want in tps, I don’t want to be rude or mean but I think you may be overthinking this a little bit