Single challenge reset bug

I am finishing off area challenges. I just killed Eghood while fully infected with Claptrap, and when I checked my log, the game had reset the blue jump-pad challenge. just that one challenge. Weird.

My game did it too me too also the wilhelm echos in triton flats,and the claptrap echos in regolith range

Game also resetted the challenge at Lunar Launching Station where you kill the 5 Dahl Powersuits a few times for me as well. It is weird.

Man. I had Tread Carefully and Finish Him, and as soon as I did Power Play I lost the other two.
To quote the Lost Legion, “This sucks”.

I lost Wilhelm’s Echos on all my characters. But that’s an easy challenge, I didn’t mind losing that one.

Do you still keep the points?

I believe you do keep the points, but you lose progress in the We have a Contender challenge.