Single Loot Midget Farm

Pick up the Space Cowboy Mission from Moxxi in the New DLC but DON’T pick up any of the girlie mags…

Much like Doctors Orders…Don’t pick up anything Then Go to the Dahl Abandon and it’s a 5 second run to the outhouse the Midget spawns from. It can be repeated in literally a minute. PLUS if you haven’t gotten a good Toothpick or Retainer shield…there are at least 5 sandworms there for quick farming as well!

In 2 1/2 hours farming I got:

25 Ancient Relics of which I was able to upgrade EVERY one of my Bone Relics as well as a couple other nice “keeper” ammo and skin relics.

1 Legendary Hunter
2 Unforgivens
1 Fire Conference Call
2 Retainers…one excellent
3 Toothpicks…one excellent

Killer 6 did a vid on it and it is an excellent farm for relics!


This is a nice little farm. :smiley: I’m really starting to like the Toothpick too so it’s nice having those two farms together.