Single-player AI Efficiency

After observing the glorious 4K resolution of those two cutscenes, it occurred to me to ask of something rather dear to my heart. This has a little more to do with certain levels more than anything else. In the Cathedral of Kadesh, there’s a point where the enemy unleashes the most wicked corvettes to ever exist upon you. Those rotating quadruple ion beam ships are meant to do crazy damage to you, but I have not-so-fond memories of the computer not being able to use them very well. I don’t mean like them just being used in-efficiently; the AI just simple sent them to attack a unit and they would always just float there rotating. Has this been fixed? I mean they’re so much more intimidating when they actually do what they’re meant to do (melting your ships into pudding instead of thinking of melting your ships into pudding).

Also, will the massive sphere of Taiidani Ion Frigates defending the structure in the Bridge of Sighs actually react to you now? Or will ships just sit there chilling as their allies are picked off or salvaged still? :expressionless:


they maybe small but they are still frigates :stuck_out_tongue:

ya the AI never used them to great effect but i never had them stall out on me except when i modded the physics to 11 :stuck_out_tongue:

I never noticed any stalling, only stalling of my ships when I wasn’t paying attention and they’d end up wreaking havoc on me. :frowning:

I swear the sphere would react to ships flying through it. I had about 20 of them following my scout around once.

Good questions. I hope very much that it was fixed

The sphere never responded adequately. She always had shifted, freeing the path to the main target (Generator) . Also this frigates can be easily captured(

And here I am totally boggling that people could salvage at all. Maybe I was bad at it (probably) but I salvaged one and all the rest rolled in and wrecked the place.

I ultimately finished the mission by splitting the sphere in half. With two probes. One that barely grazed one side, and the other that barely grazed the other side.

It split. Every single frigate moved.


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Example here:

Unfortunately the behavior of this sphere was passive and stupid.
If desired, this sphere could destroy the all Kushan fleet!
But the enemy did not react adequately.
I hope it was fixed and re-balanced.

Exactly. This is what I mean. It’s so stupid, the level is supposed to be intimidating and challenging, but it ends up being a joke because the computer doesn’t react on a reasonable scale. So much for the mighty Taiidan! And it’s the same bloody thing in the Cathedral of Kadesh; multi-beam corvettes arrive, revolve at your units like they’ll attack, and just sit there for years not firing. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t – the AI just seems to have issues using them properly and they end up being salvage bait.