Single Player Bug List

(theoblivinator) #1

I’ve put over 250 hours into the single player campaign and have encountered my fair share of bugs. Here’s a brief list of what I’ve collected so far.

1.) UI Overlay being displayed on the title screen

If you save and quit from campaign missions, on occasion the UI overlay from that mission will still be present on the title screen. When you try to exit the game, the game freezes and you need to end the task from the task manager or power off your system. This has happened to me twice. The first time I captured video of it.

2.)Kapisi falling from the sky in mission cutscenes

While playing through any mission, if the Kapisi is supposed to be in the scene, and isn’t, it will fall from the sky. This is most prevalent in the mission Torin Crater with the scene where Rachel rendezvous with the Kapisi.

I also have a twitch highlight here which occurred on the mission
Kalash Site.

3.) Railguns,Honorguard Cruisers, and the Kapisi can fire through solid
objects and slopes.

The ships mentioned above are able to fire their weapons through solid objects like rock walls. They are also able to shoot through slopes and hills. It can happen in almost any mission with a slope in it.

This is most prevalent on the mission Khasar Plateau.

Kapisi firing missiles through the canyons in Tombs of the Ancients:

Gaalsien Railguns firing through slops on Kalash Wreck:

Now we will get started with mission specific bugs

4.) Ally strike fighters flying in circles in the mission The Boneyard

On occasion the ally strike fighters that fly overheard will just fly around in circles the whole mission.

5.) Two Kapisi Carriers during the ending cutscene on the mission Cape Wrath

This bug is caused by the ending cutscene. The cutscene displays another version of the Kapisi and does not despawn the Kapisi you played the mission with. So if the Kapisi is in the same place the cutscene’s Kapisi spawns, they will overlay each other.

6.) Salvagers will get stuck on the mission Kalash Site

If you have two salvagers gathering CUs from the left side of the wreck and the finish the CU deposit that is there, instead of auto-moving to the right side to start on a new CU deposit they will become stuck, and will not move unless you order them too. This is the most frequent bug I encounter when playing this game, so much that I’ve only NOT experienced it ONCE.

7.) Kalash Wreck softlock.

I’m not sure if this has been fixed in any of the patches. I haven’t seen any documentation on it. I know I’m not the only person to experience this bug though as I have seen several other reports on these forums, the gearbox forums, as well as the Steam forums. Players are unable to complete the objective “Destroy the remaining Gaalsien Forces” usually because one Gaalsien ship has become frozen and unresponsive. Your units can not target or destroy it by any means, meaning you have to start the mission over if you wish to continue.

8.) No background music on the mission Beladin Dune Sea

Pretty simple to explain. When playing the missions in sequence, when you reach the Beladin Dune Sea mission, there will be no background music.

9.) No units in the mission The Whispering Gallery intro cutscene

This is the second most frequent bug that I experience. During the mission the Whispering Gallery, during the intro cutscene, the camera does a fly-by over the terrain of that mission starting from the Kapisi and then flying over the Sakala, then ending over the two Gaalsien Carriers. It’s supposed to be a nice shot showing the whole battlefield with lots of units fighting. Only problem is about 80% of the time you never see the units. The entire cutscene is blank with just the desert and the sound effects. All the units pop in once the sensors manager is brought up.

So is there a time-frame on when another patch will be released that will fix these bugs?

(theoblivinator) #2

Adding another video to the list. Today while doing a speedrun I became softlocked in Beladin Dune Sea. I used Rachel’s Hacking ability on an enemy Assault Ship and it refused to travel to the Kapisi to be refitted to your control. The ship in question was one of the ships from the Gaalsien Security Patrol, meaning that I was unable to progress the mission since I hadn’t destroyed the entire patrol. Check out the video.

(theoblivinator) #3

I’ve found a few more bugs lately and will add them to this list. The first deals with Strike Fighters and Bombers launching from the Kapisi. In some missions, mostly Beladin Dune Sea, Kalash Plateau, The Whispering Gallery, and Torin Crater, the first time you launch waves of Strike Fighters or Bombers, instead of flying towards their waypoint, they will instead circle the Kapisi and land once they have a chance. You will then have to launch them a second time for them to work properly.

The odd thing about this bug is I don’t remember it occurring previously. It has popped up within the last month or so and has become rather annoying. I don’t know what is causing it, there haven’t been any patches or updates that might have broken some game code. I also checked the integrity of my local game files and they were all correct. I have a hard time believing that it is hardware dependent because my system hardware hasn’t been changed in over 2 years, so maybe a driver issue is causing this. It is really puzzling to me. Check it out in the Youtube vid below.

Anyways, I also found a small Out Of Bounds clip in The Whispering Gallery. It also causing the pathing algorithm that determines how a ship will travel on the map to get a little wonky. Basically if you position the Kapisi in a particular way, when ships exit it they clip out of bounds. The game forces them in bounds again very quickly, but them they are kinda driving on terrain they shouldn’t be. This allows them to take shortcuts up cliffs or plateaus and reach places much much quicker than if they took to the normal path. Heres a link to that video.

I’ll keep updating as I find more!

(theoblivinator) #4

Adding another small bug to this list. Had a playthrough where the boundaries to the Boneyard map didn’t load. I use them as a visual que to know where to place some units, so I was rather confused and made a mistake during that run.

Check out the Youtube link.