Single Player DLC?

(Flure99) #1

yesterday, the second MP DLC / faction was released - the new units look really nice!!!
they also added 4 new MP maps - very good.

but the heart and all the potential of this game (for me) sticks in the single player campaign. really, what you guys did is one of the best driven story / videos / presentation / art design i ever saw on a RTS game (same level as star craft for me)

so with all the new fractions etc - is there any work or a future in a single player mission pack ?

(Herbyguitar) #2

I’ll second that!!!

(RagnaroK) #3

Agreed. DoK is the best RTS campaign Ive played.


I’d get an SP DLC if they do one. I played through the main game and quite enjoyed. I’m not interested in the MP stuff so I’ve ignored that DLC.
But, yeah the SP campaign definitely left me wanting more.

(Herbyguitar) #5

…I don’t know… I started the tutorial and quit in the middle. It lost me. Went back and played it again and had a better grasp. Controls are different than HW. Had to relearn. The graveyard mission was a bit overwhelming and very confusing compared to HW. It’s very different than what I was expecting. So far I’m not very thrilled with the game…It’ll probably change once I get used to it. I’m set in my ways from playing HW.

(Grifta) #6

I would happily pay for a SP DLC of the story of the discovery of the Guidestone to the unification of the clans. I can see a handful of interesting conflicts;

  • Getting the stone from the Khar-Toba to it’s final destination
  • Dealing with the extremists generated by this discovery
  • Securing the support and resources needed to start construction on the mothership.


I really hope they expand upon the campaign. It was one of the best I’ve played in recent memory.