Single Player Private Lag

I picked up Battleborn a few days ago, I love Gearbox and my family are huge fans of Borderlands, but I am really disappointed with this game. After playing the PVP modes and doing terrible I decided to try single player. The first thing I noticed was horrible lag. My characters movement was jerky and it made aiming very difficult. I have not experienced lag in a game for a long long time, this was unplayable.

I don’t have a lot of time to play games, so usually only buy games that have been out for a while and were well received. I love Gearbox so I didn’t even look at the reviews, honestly I didn’t really know much about the game going in. The ideas are awesome, but I’m having real trouble completing single player missions and some of the characters… it just seems impossible to know what is going on. I don’t feel like I have control or an idea of when I’m taking damage, I just die for no reason, and at times it says “1500 damage in 28 seconds” so I stood there while some one/thing shot me to death and I had no idea.

I know that a lot but I’m really frustrated with this game right now, I really want to enjoy it but I’m having a hard time.