Single shot guns should be scrapped

Does anyone actually enjoy reloading after ever shot?
Worst gun concept since B1

Well it contributes to diversity and some Charakters synergise with small capacity guns (Zane duct tape mod)

Worst gun concept imo is maliwan charge up delay tho

They have a certain charisma to them, especially if their strength justifies the limitation.

Not to mention there’s always that one character who has the skills to break them, like Jack in TPS…or Fl4k in this game, really.

Moze, specced right, can make 1-shot-reload into 3-shot-reload. :upside_down_face:
If they change the “bug” with Flakker and it will consume only 1 bullet… Oh man :heart_eyes:

1 pump chump and hell walker are awesome IMO, reload is fast.


Exactly its a variety and usually one shot guns are crazy powerful.

I don’t like them all the time but some of the times. Luck Cannon was one of the most popular TPS guns.

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yeah, depending on what I do atm I usually have my hellwalker rdy in my bag!

If you’ve never done a running slide into a launching upward shotty blast with a Duck Hunt style kill, you haven’t lived. Yes even you guy sitting in the third row.


Do NOT touch my One Pump Chump. Once you learn to use this correctly it is , in my humble opinion , the best shotgun in the game.


I agree, its one of the best, most fun to use.

One Pump is my sniper rifle.

Ok I will agree one pump chump is good but only because there is a 50% chance not to consume ammo

Most single-shot shotguns are extremely powerful to compensate for needing to reload often.

Double barreled shotguns also feel more authentic when they have to reload after every shot, a nice detail I really appreciate in this game. A lot of Jakobs guns feel more like the real world guns they’re based on than they did in BL2.

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Uhm YES!!!’

Agreed. Two of my favorite guns.