Single White Female, AKA Jathena (Athena wannabe build)

As the title suggests, this build attempts to produce a Jack who is as close to Athena as is possible. To that end, we use this skill distribution:

(shock) Rosie
shock launcher of your choice
Longest Yard, shock

Celestial Doppleganger
shock nova shield

Alternate between the Vibra-Pulse and Rosie. You’ll be stacking shock-on-shock with Sponsored By. Leaning on lasers is supported by 5/5 AA to extend an already large ammunition pool. Reloads are either fast or instant (Marginal Benefits, fueled by Cache). Ammunition efficiency is further extended because you’ll be getting kills from exploding Jacks (using the typical nova shield + Optimism + Potential stack). You can group enemies with Quasars, which you’ll be able to throw for free almost constantly. Naturally, grouped enemies are also fun with the Vibra-Pulse.

Basically, you’re the eye of the storm.

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Love the name.

Also, if you want, you can try replacing the vibrapulse with the thunderfire for more elemental goodness.


Very fair suggestion. Probably better for bosses than the Vibra-Pulse. I just went with it for chaining :grin:

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