Singularity slagging grenade?

Im looking for a grenade that slags and either steals health or pulls things toward it. Other than magic missles, does such a grenade exist?

Both exist. You can get Slag Singularity & Transfusion grenades in the game.

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Slag Singularity grenades exist but their slag chance is kind of low. I find Transfusions to be much better for slagging.

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A decent purple 0.0 fuse Longbow Slag Transfusion is the only grenade you need on a gun Zer0. It has no singularity effect, but it’s pretty good at both slagging single enemies and healing. You can get a slag singularity too, but it doesn’t work as well as the transfusion as a slagging tool. If you want a singularity grenade, you’re better off going with a Quasar.

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Thanks guys! If i want to soak the immediate area in front of me purple, what would you reccomend? Health steal is a plus but not if it interferes with the slag chance.

I’m kind of thinking that a Slag Fuster Cluck might be what you’re looking for.

A low level Slag Crossfire works well

Slag Crossfire or Bouncing Bonny or a close-range friendly regular slag Bouncing Betty.


crossfire is all you ever need.

Thank you guys! Why a low level?

Is a bouncing Bonnie, Crossfire, or regular old purple transfusion slag grenade the best? If the bonnie or crossfire could come in transfusion that would be amazing, but i’m not sure how they work.

bouncing bonnie bounces around the room spraying bullets everywhere. crossfire does the same thing, while also spawning child grenages that ALSO bounce around spraying bullets:D

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I LOVE IT! Ugh… as an explosive Axton i’m wondering if i should use slag grenades with the BBB or main a Bee but not have as many grenades.

Less risk of downing or killing yourself when the enemy be all up in yo grill.

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It depends on your playstyle. A 0 fuse Longbow Slag Transfusion won’t slag multiple enemies, but it will almost certainly slag the enemy you threw it at. If you want to slag multiple enemies at once (but not necessarily the one right in front of you) and don’t really need the healing from the transfusion, a low level Slag Crossfire or a purple x4 Magic Missile are pretty good slagging grenades. The Crossfire needs to be low-level so it doesn’t hurt you and it’s a great tool to keep large, stationary targets slagged. The Magic Missile is almost certain to slag multiple enemies and automatically refills your grenade supply over time, but it’s kinda slow and might slag/hurt you if you’re not careful. They all have their pros and cons, but all three are very good slagging tools. If you want to single out specific enemies to slag and could use some extra healing, go with the Longbow Slag Transfusion. If you want to constantly and randomly spray explosions/bullets/slag everywhere, go with a low-level Slag Crossfire. If you want to preemptively slag multiple enemies before engaging them, go with a purple x4 Magic Missile.


Damn, thank you! That crossfire sounds awesome. Do you think Double Up is a good enough source of slag? Or would i need crossfire?

the BB/crossfire bullets don’t hurt you. but the child grenades, well those do hurt.

Depends on your level. At OP0 and maybe the next couple of OP levels it should be good enough. At OP8 you might need some other source of slag, just in case. It is my only source of slag on Axton at OP0 and I do just fine.

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If i wanted to 100% slag a single enemy in front of me, is there a legendary or serapj grenade that could do just that? The crossfire seems to involve a bit of luck and isnr always 100% slagging chance.

Just a small correction, the child grenades from the crossfire don’t spray bullets, they’re just regular grenades with the same element as the main grenade, also, the bouncing bonny does exactly the same thing as the crossfire but spawns child grenades at a slower rate.

[quote=“adamplaga, post:19, topic:1540904”]
If i wanted to 100% slag a single enemy in front of me, is there a legendary or serapj grenade that could do just that?[/quote]

If I’m not mistaken there isn’t a way to get guaranteed slag on impact with grenades even with Krieg, your better choices for slagging chances are still either a slag transfusion or a slag betty/bonny/crossfire since they have Area of Effect damage.