Singularity slagging grenade?


Please, Homing, (or better yet, Sticky Homing) is far better than longbow! Especially for a gun Zer0, he can move and dodge faster and throw from behind cover. You don’t even need to aim! Just pop out, rain down a hail of bullets on whomever is purple, then duck back behind cover.

This grenade was the cherry on the sundae that resulted in me finally soloing OP8 Ancient Dragons.

This brings all the love:

The mod’s delivery mechanism is mostly a matter of preference, with a homing delivery you can’t guarantee which will be the target the grenade will home into and also you won’t get the grenade to deploy as quickly as you would with a longbow.

Preferences apart, I find Lobbed as the best all-around in ease-of-use, range, speed and accuracy.

Longbow is generally considered to be the best delivery method for a slag transfusion (and not only transfusions) precisely because you can aim it at the exact enemy you want to slag and the fuse time is shorter. If you’re lucky you can get one with 0 fuse. It’s reliable, fast and precise. Homing usually takes longer to find enemies and explode and it might end up slagging a lowly midget instead of the badass with a rocket launcher right next to him. Sometimes you have no cover and still need to fast slag an enemy. Homing is still a good prefix and I use it when I can’t find a longbow, but you have more control with a longbow. Depending on your playstyle, a longbow is just more reliable. Still, it all comes down to a matter of preference and different playstyles. For me, it’s longbow or bust for every type of grenade I use.


For me it is everything Homing. Generally the only time I need to slag for a kill is for big bosses and there is usually only 1 at a time. Very few times have I had it go wrong.

My favorite is Sticky Homing Bonus Package (x10) It never matters where it lands amongst a crowd, it will strip down shields pretty quick.

try a sticky homing meteor shower :wink: nades on nades on nades.

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That’s what i use now and i love it. Would a slag Leech be effective at slagging?

not particularly. it basically turns your grenade slot into a dedicated healer. It’s better than the O-negative, but you lose a lot of damage.

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So the absolute best grenade for effectively slagging a single enemy would be a purple transfusion?

Or a purple Magic Mistle

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Unfortunately i dont have access to that dlc :frowning:

Is leech or o negative a better grenade? O negative comes in slag so that’s pretty nice.

Of the two I prefer the O- but some people like the Leech more. Honestly it all comes down to personal preference. Try both and see which comes it on top.

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i just use Thrill of the Kill. All the healing i need.

Thank you all for the input! Without Magic Missles, the next best slag tranfusion grenade for me seems to be the slag O Negatives. Buffed by Axton, that healing will be crazy and those 8 homing strands will work fine for slagging a single big target.

I TOTALLY disagree

You have no control over where homing grenades go, and no control over when they decide to connect, Longbows actually allow you to aim very precisely at a point and get the grenade there and make sure the grenade explodes instantly.

Besides, transfusions grenades child are already homing, so you don’t gain much there… I’d actually prefer a lobbed transfusion to a homing one, so I can control better when it goes off.

Besides, almost all the top zero players in the world use a longbow slag transfusion with a low fuse time, so they got to be doing something right.


Yes, absolutely

a regular slag transfusion is just as good as the O-neg, so go with whichever you can find the easiest
I personally prefer regular transfusions, but at that point, it’s mostly preference.
Good luck!

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One last thing. The O- can’t come with a 0.0 fuse time but a Purple Transfusion can. I think the lowest an O- can have is something like 1.5.


Does the initial, non-homing explosion also have a chance to slag?

Also, if you aim just SLIGHTLY off that grenade is gone and useless, exploding at a wall miles away. Homing just makes life easier for general play, it seems. Then again i could be way off.

how do you miss? you literally just point and click with your mouse.