Sir Hammerlock & Wainwright Jakobs love question

We know Moxxi had multiple husbands. Tina also seemingly had multiple spouses (Im not 100% sure.) I believe some of the BL2 villains also had exes. Jack had his wife then Nisha.

So my question to you guys: Is Hammerlock’s marriage rock solid or is it built on shaky ground? Do you foresee them ever divorcing in a future game?

Both Hammerlock and Wainwright strike me as the always and forever types. Wainwright is a family man carrying on the Jacobs name sake and Hammerlock is an honorable by the book kinda guy.

I feel they’d both do whatever they could to work out any differences they had down the road.


After what I went through to get them married, they had better damn well figure out a way to work it out.

Plus, any marriage that can survive possession from an other-worldly insanity monster from beyond isn’t going to fall apart because someone forgot to take out the garbage or record a favorite show.

Having listened to Hammerlock’s ECHOs, I don’t think he’s going to give up and Wainwright is too stubborn to quit. Those kids will make it just fine. :revolving_hearts:


Moxxi’s previous husbands for the most part tried to kill her (we know of Hodunk who was going to kill Ellie, and I don’t believe we ever heard of husband 2, then there was Jack and we know how that went, only Marcus was chill).

Tina’s partners probably died because Pandora.

Couples can stay together on Pandora when one of the partners doesn’t die. Athena and Janey are still a thing, Jack and Nisha were an item until she got dead, etc…


Well according to the Underdome intro it is Steve although that seems more like a joke so if Jimbo was indeed husband 1 and not just Scooter‘s dad than that pretty much only leaves Mr. Shank.

Worth to note is that even though Moxxi hired you to kill him it still got to her quite a bit and to be honest all the husbands Moxxi had seem more like a running joke so I believe Hammerlock and Wrainwright are in it for the long run because as noted, failed relationships in the past where more the result of someone getting eaten or horribly murdered…

Edit: Just a tiny tidbit husband 4 should be/was Mordecai because him winning the Underdome is canon as of BL2.

Edit 2: Oh and merry christmas.


Sam to you in whichever time zone you’re in!

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Hammerlock had exes, notably the one eaten by a Stalker in Bl2, Taggart if I recall. Then storywise I dunno if that will last, bl writers seem to have a thing for messy breakups though :rofl: