Siren Artifact Bug? (GOTY Edition)


So I’ve just gotten through all the game’s quests (Playthrough 1 + DLCs) save Crawmerax (Edit: and the 20 round matches in the Underdome), Lilith is at level 46, had no other bugs…

But I noticed my explosive/shock/incendiary returns for her hit level 4 and her corrosive return is stuck at level 3. When I try to use s corrosive artifact to get it to level 4 it says “You can’t use that.”

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but figured I would see if anyone else had any issue like this. (Even if it’s with another character).

Thanks in advance!

Edit #2: So I have a sinking suspicion that the artifacts I farmed from the Vault post Playthrough 1 for sone reason weren’t working. I started Playthrough 2 and got a corrosive artifact from a skag in the Shock Caverns and worked just fine?

If I’m correct, you don’t add Artifacts. You just get a new higher level artifact and it over rides. You just haven’t found a level 4 of the Corrosive artifact. So you must have a three or lower and it won’t go in because you’ve already got level three

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Thats right. Artifacts have there own hidden level from 1-6. According to the Wiki: Level 4 starts dropping at LV. 38 and 5+6 at 44.

Also from personal experience Scar always drops one if you are in PT 2.5

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Seconding the recommendation to farm Scar if you’re already completed the main missions in Pt.2, although you may not need to - I’ve also had good luck with elemental beasties in Arid Hills, Lost Cave, and Tetanus Warrens.