Siren grog nozzle

So, Maya has the ability to heal teammates by shooting them, and if you use a grog nozzle and shoot enemies you receive health from dealing damage to them. can you receive health from doing grog nozzle “damage” to teammates as a siren so that both you and your teammate receive health?

I think I tried this with a Rubi. Doesn’t work because it doesn’t really “do damage” to your teammate.

Actually, since it does negative damage, it might cause damage to you. If I shoot someone, I see the damage popping up as a red number, which I assume means is a negative.

No, that’s healing “damage” you’re doing to your teammate versus actual damage. And I think @Duke3D has the right of it because since you’re not doing actual damage to your teammates, you won’t activate the healing affect of any Moxxi weapon.

If you want health and have no enemies around, use your Rubi or Grog to shoot breakable objects (jars in tiny tina dlc, skag/bullymong/stalker piles, etc.). It will restore a small portion of health, hopefully enough to get above healthgate.