Siren Head/Skin Info and Screen Shots

The following galleries show the heads and skins for Maya. You can also access a spreadsheet listing the heads and skins (along with their source) click on the following image link:

Click on any thumbnail to see the larger image. images are in alphabetical order and match the order on the document.

NOTE: skin #32 is the gearbox skin and not available to players. The image is not shown on these forums at the request of Gearbox.

Heads 1-9

Heads 10-18

Heads 19-27

Heads 28-36

Skins 1-10

Skins 11-20

Skins 21-30

Skins 31-40

Skin 32 is for Gearbox staff only and is not shown

Skins 41-50

Skins 51-60

Skins 61-70

Skins 71-80

Skins 81-90

Skins 91-100

The 5th DLC Head and Skin for Maya can be viewed here:

The document for all the info isn’t working… Is this just me or is this happening to others too?

Not just you. Dosnt work for me either.

You just need to remove gbox’s old forums address from the link.

I’m new to these forums, so how exactly would I do that?

link is fixed. sorry about that.

Awesome thank you!

Love me the Lord of Power skin with the Spin the Cylinder head. Looks hecka baddass

This is by far the best one stop collection of all the heads and skins! Thank you again for the work put into it. Now if I could just get the Community Day heads and skins somehow, and get the Poker Night 2 things to actually show up i would be a very happy monkey! :grinning:

I need help with getting 2 of mama’s heads. Kawaii killer and closing time. Could someone help me??

Here’s a working archived link if the pictures aren’t loading for anyone here (Give it a minute to load the images):

Maya’s Heads/Skins

So, has anyone put together a guide to Maya’s new Head(s) & Skin(s) from the brand-new DLC yet? :thinking: