Siren heads borderlands 2

I’m looking for the tiny Tina dlc head for maya. I entered the shift code on my PS3, but I switched to ps4 and I’m trying to get it again. Does anyone know how to get it onto my ps4 or know if I can farm for it in the dlc? I can’t redeem the shift code again

IIRC, the Elven Eliminator head for Maya is a Rare drop from the Dice chests in the TTADK DLC. I think you need to roll 15 - 19 in order to have a chance to get that head.

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I was reading one post online about needing to roll a 1,2, or 3. Well either way I’ve been farming for a while so I know I’ll run across it at some point. I also need the head from vermi and the one from terramorphous. I’ve been playing this game since day one on PS3 and still have so much fun running and gunning, with breaks every once in awhile of course. Hey, thanks for the reply. I appreciate it