Siren here looking to 4 player co-op

PSN: supashaka. I’m lv 15 at the moment, looking to play the main game and the GOTY DLC packs after that.

It would be great to play with a full 4 player party with each player a different character/class.

No loot ninjas, hopefully people who play nice as opposed to competitively. A mic is a plus.

I’m a UK player and am flexible with game time between 10am and 9pm GMT.

Did you just drop from heaven? I’ve been praying to meet another European player! :grinning: Anyway sent you a request in PSN. Also you might want to check out my thread in this category.

Cool! But I’m not sure if you’re at the same point in the story, I’m at Sledge: Battle For The Badlands (lv18 I think) gonna play in an hour or 2 later if you or anyone wanna join :slight_smile:

Lv 22 mission: Hair Of The Dog, gonna come online in an hour and will probably be on for a few hours if anyone wants to join.

It’s a shame we couldn’t play together Jubamon, it sucks when there’s a big difference in lvs of party members but it’s not easy finding people and I prefer to play with as full a party as possible. (3 player is the best I’ve managed so far).

After I finish this playthrough (including DLCs) I probably won’t start another for a while.