Siren Master List: Build Collection

can’t open the links. all broken.

Added. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

“Strong majority”? Is that like the silent, but deadly, majority? if so, I would hate to get on their bad side. :dukejk:

Not my fault because I can only link to what’s available. If people would port their builds over here, I could fix the links. :dukewhistle:

All broken? Are you sure about that or did you just click on a few then decide everything was broken? I know for a fact that not ALL of the links were broken, only those that pointed to the old forums were because of how GBX handled the archiving of said forums. Now I’m sometimes prone to exaggeration but I do try not to post false information whenever possible.

@BookEmDano: Get in here and port over your builds, you lazy bum! :dukejk:

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I fixed all of the links for the old forum, but some may still not work. I know the “Maya Made of Plasma” doesn’t work because it points to a particular post which wasn’t archived. If you come across any others that don’t work, let me know which one(s) and give me the proper link. If I can’t find it, I can’t update the OP properly. :dukejk:

my bad bro sorry. i was used to opening it in new tabs but it seems that links from old gearbox forums can only be opened by clicking it, not by opening in new tabs. that was before tho, i think it’s working fine now. thanks for the hard work man. appreciate it.

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No worries. I was feeling a little annoyed and took it out on you. Hopefully those builds will be ported over here so I can update the links and not have to worry about the old forums breaking them.

I have a bulid to submit

Added. :dukeaffirmative:

My Peacekeeper build is in the process of being tested on OP8. Considering how well I am doing I am quite certain that it is Overpower worthy.

This topic should be pinned.

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Let me know when it’s ready and I’ll update your entry, Troubled. Thanks.

I agree, but we had complaints about there being too many pinned topics so the mods decided to just pin the resource threads instead; not that many people seem to read them anyway. :dukewhistle:

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Probably this weekend. Just got done with the beacon section in Overlook.

With Maya being buffed to a certain extant with the new patch will anyone be revisiting their builds to see if they’ll make any changes?

I am going to have to revisit some of my Builds, based upon the 10/29/2015 Patch. Any Build that has Flicker will have that reduced by 1 point (to 4/5 Flicker). That 1 point will be placed into Cloud Kill. My Binder Build is outdated and inaccurate. I might actually add Helios, since the Legendary Binder would give 10/5 Helios. I have no plans to put points into Backdraft and will likely not put points into Blight Phoenix. For any Build where the Class Mod boosts Flicker by +5 but does not also boost Helios by +5, I might leave Flicker at 1/5 (for a total 6/5) and put the remaining 4 points into Helios. However, I first want to see the result’s of some other players’ tests of Helios before making that decision. I have a feeling that Helios may be one of those all or nothing skills, meaning it only does really well at 11/5 or 10/5.

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I moved one point to cloud kill, I need more testing for the other skills.

Jakobs Peacekeeper build has been proven on OP8.

Updated. Thanks.

Name: Life and Death
Type: DPS / Nurse
Level: OP8
Specific Gear: yes
Difficulty: Low / Med

Added. Thanks.

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Name : Obligation
Type : DPS / Binder
Level : OP8
Specific gear : No, though weapons with a high fire rate are ideal.
Difficulty : Medium / High.