Siren powers, explain how to obtain (lore) - **Spoilers**

If you got facts. Also SPOILERS

So, far as I’ve known:

Siren powers are not passed down or stolen. People ninja sirens (hopefully as children) to twist them to serve them.

Borderlands 3 now introduces (far as i know) that you can obtain Siren powers from:

  • Touching a dead siren (Ava - what a brat and Maya killer), or did Maya mark her to be passed onto (BS), or people are preselected by the powers(?) and Maya got super lucky running into the girl that would inherit hers (BS).
  • A Siren that can steal life force, and as a bonus can collect all the siren powers. (ya, whatever, its bs to me).
  • Passed down (Tyreen got hers from her mother i assume, or wow… the chances…).
  • Some sort of partial cloned powers or full powers from being a twin?. (sounded, at the end, that Troy could consume Eridium all along).
  • Science!!, Tannis steals Angels magical powers… that never left the fallen Angel (I mean dead). So i guess there is another rule… like the Tannis had enough time to pull powers from a dead siren… because science > magic? or whatever. Maybe she took her arm, lol.

Honestly, it seems like some prophecy BS is coming or already here (its as weak as using time travel), or Gearbox just wanted to make it work despite it breaking the the rule of the siren powers seeking a random newborn. So, Maya and Ava, i guess they just wanted that Obiwan and Luke Skywalker thing, “Fk it, shes an apprentice that will be giving powers”.

So lets create twins and give them siren powers so there is like 12+ sirens, although it didn’t exactly work out for Troy.

It all made sense with the simple rule of: Dead siren = powers randomly seek someone out. Now BL3 pretty much created they can be stolen through science or a certain siren power, passed on (even prepassed on with Ava). Did Akira Toriyama write all this up?. Super Siren Goddesses Super Siren Evolved Super Siren (sry, i had to after the mention)… SSGSSESS.

If you can choose/mark who is to get your powers next… does this mean Tina will take Lilith’s (also because big fire explosions). Then Ava and Tina can be playable in BL4, double siren, although… Gearbox has only allowed already existing characters from games in Pre-sequel. Maybe it will be 15-30 years later and we get that vampiric siren power (Tyreen); Seems powers can be passed on tho… so maybe Tyreen had a female psycho lover (yes!, for psycho siren screaming for babies to burn). 4 playable sirens?, Tina + Ava lesbo love… its gonna happen, Amara?, Tannis (she gets good?), Steele passed it onto someone?.. or is it 5-30 years later?. Maybe end game events created dozens of sirens (males too).

Feels good to vent,
Hopefully, DLC’s will give answers (not in the form of a prophecy) or i run into missing information in game (also not in the form of a prophecy). There was too much of Gods hand in making things happen in BL3.

Thanks for the reply.

When did “choose to burden someone” become a thing?. I’m not challenging it, just far as up to BL3 I always figured it was as Lilith said… that it just goes to someone random.

Phaseleech was fine, it just seemed created to be created for the story (on the part of stealing powers). Also, that a siren could take all the other siren powers… well its … OP and I feel it breaks some form of balance (1/6 or maybe 7 powers thats purpose is to steal the other powers?) … i’ll leave it at that

Vault of the snake, wow… as if it was named for villains, lol (oh, and i villain got it). So, siren powers can be locked away. Sounds like a future thing that will happen, lock it in something that allows the holder to use it (regardless of gender).

Tannis getting the powers,
This is sounding like Rooster Teeths show RWBY, just an observation. “thinking of at time of death”. Which also has powers exclusive to females, also i think it also basically goes to someone random if no female is on the mind. A device did allow stealing the powers, power wielder was kept from dying.

Thanks for the reply.

I think we need to run around reading the eridian writing things.

I had a pretty solid lock on this but this game changed a few things.

Someone pointed out that sirens can choose who to pass their powers on to according to this game.

Apparently there is a seventh Siren somewhere that shouldn’t be found. (Although, I think it was Troy).

I’m going to need to do a lot more digging.