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(Enemy of Thunder) #1

So, some of us were talking and we decided that we needed a new Siren Resource thread. So I took the responsibility and here it is.
Just because the WiP tag has been taken off doesn’t mean I won’t be adding anything else to the OP

Obviously, this is Maya’s Action Skill

Motion Skill Tree
This is Maya’s first skill tree, focusing mainly on crowd control

Harmony Skill Tree
This is Maya’s second skill tree, focusing on healing yourself and teammates

Cataclysm Skill Tree
This is Maya’s third skill tree, focusing on elemental damage. It has a lot of scaling issues in later levels

Skill Builder
Useful if you’re doing a write up on your build, or want some feedback on a build you’re working on

DDD: Maya’s Skills For Dummies
Everything you ever wanted to know about Maya’s skills in one place

Why Chain Reaction Is Amazing
A breakdown of chain reaction and it’s mechanics, complete with gameplay videos

Maya’s Pimpernel Guide
Everything about the Pimpernel. Best parts, prefix and how to use it

Deal With The Devil
Breakdown of how this method works, although it does require an extra step after the patch

Maya’s Skill Tree Deficiencies
Everything wrong with maya’s skills, whether it be bad scaling or just unusable against certain bosses

Raiding With Maya At OP8
This thread is just getting back on it’s feet, so expect some good stuff

A Solemn Plea To GBX: Nerf Cloud Kill
A pretty fun thread to read

DDD Guide: Maya’s Guide To Raids And Bosses:
As of now, this is a WiP. This is a guide on everything you would need to know about bosses and raids

Maya The Peacekeeper: Jakobs Allegiance
A Jakobs allegiance thread by Troubled (who else?) telling you how to use Jakobs effectively in the later levels

Phaseock Resistant/Immune Enemies
A guide to what enemies can and can’t be phaselocked

Thoughlock: The Good, The Bad And The Rabid That Got Away
An in-depth guide on thoughtlock, including key points (the good), drawbacks (the bad), tactics and more

Spunky’s Nurse Maya Guide
This is a guide on how to play Nurse Maya, by one of the best Nurse Mayas. The gear is a little outdated, but still a very good guide

A Study Of Mayas Skills And How They Effect DPS
A guide that goes deep into the explanation of DPS and how certain skills are effected.

New Video From Spunky


How To Get The Most Out Of Backdraft
An awesome Guide by EXOTEK909 describing how Backdraft works and why it’s not as bad as you may think. This is inspired by Nuu’s Unkillable Impulsive Backdraft Siren build.

Maya The Nursing Wildcat
Another nursing build? Yes, this is another nursing build. The difference between this one and Spunky’s is that Spunky’s is almost entirely healing and few DPS skills, whereas this one offers a healthy blend of the two.

Reaper Resource Roundup
A breakdown of Reapers mechanics: How it works, what is affected by it, what isn’t, everything like that.

SMG Tests
I got bored and decided to run some damage test on the 72 test dummy with OP8 weapons. Complete with a weapon stats spreadsheet

A guide to Maya’s COMs
A guide to Maya’s COM: What’s good, what’s not, that kind of stuff

Hell Witch Is Broken
So, the Hell Witch COM isn’t working as intended. It doesn’t add extra corrosive DoT like it should

Maya’s Heads And Skins
Some screen shots of all of Maya’s heads and skins

Class Mods
All of the class mods in the game. Maya’s are in there somewhere

Q: What enemies can’t be phaselocked?

A: Most enemies in the game can be phaselocked. The enemies that can’t are usually unique. These include Wilhelm, BNK-3R, The Warrior, Saturn, Dukino’s Mom and OMGWTH. There are some non-unique enemies that can’t be phaselocked such as constructors.

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(Enemy of Thunder) #2

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