Sirens in Borderlands universe- POTENTIAL SPOILERS

In borderlands 2 Handsome Jack said there can only be 6 sirens in the universe at one time, we can assume the sirens in BL2 and BL3 were alive at the time of borderlands 1. so that gives us, Steele, Angel, Lilith, Maya, Amara, Troy, and Tyreen. thats 7 unless Troy and Tyreen count as 1. but also if you find all the eridian writings, they say do not go looking for the 7th. so could that mean the 7th siren? if so that would explain why there were 7 sirens at once. the eridian writings also talk about sirens being able to give their power to someone else when they die or let it be released to someone randomly. what do you guys think?

Steele wasn’t a Siren, she was originally supposed to be one but they dropped that idea while writing BL1.

We don’t know when Amara got her mojo. Not all sirens are born active, they get their power when the one before then dies. Lilith didn’t get her powers until the death of her father and she was clearly a teen at the time.

For all we know Amara activated when Steele died. At least that is my theory as Steele was a very physical boss.

This isn’t true, she was always a siren. Confirmed by the head writer, and down in the origin comics, also written by the head writer (Mikey Neumann).

shes confirmed a siren multiple times. they even went as far as removing her tattos after she dies in claptraps robo revolution dlc

i dont think troy is a siren but they were unclear. tyreen blantantly say no hes not and hes just a leech, however typhon says when they were born he and his wife were surprised that they were both sirens. soooooo thanks writers

I think Troy got siren powers due to being a conjoined twin. I presume they got them during them womb and since they were combined both became sirens. Their abilities are also very similar. All the other sirens we have seen have had very different abilities.

I reckon Troy and Tyreen count as one.

Apparently those aren’t canon anymore. But yeah, Steele was a siren.

There are 7 and tyreen is the 7th.
Troy is and is not a siren. He is Unatural he does not have full siren powers only partial siren powers.

Siren list.
1- Lilith
2- Steele
3- Asha (non canonical)
4- Angel/tannis
5- Maya/ava
6- Amara
7- Tyreen
7.5- Troy

Interesting thing tho.

We have 6 galaxys inhabited in the borderlands universe. We have 6 sirens excluding the new 7th. Is it possible that each galaxy has its own great vault with each corresponding to a particular siren, and the 7th siren is the key to opening the great vaults like we see in 3. The 7th who is supposed to be feared and was sealed away, is supposed to collect the powers of the other sirens to open the great vaults.

Makes me also wonder if the 7th was not supposed to exist and was maybe made by some race other then the eridians or maybe a evil eridian hell bent on stopping the sirens hence the power stealing.