Sister Aria just died in her second phase but nobody touched her, with video evidence

I’ve read about this happening before but hadn’t seen it, until now. I was playing the op tonight with @lowlines when Sister Aria just exploded in a flash of light and died, I was bleeding out and lowlines had just respawned when it happened. @JoeKGBX I daresay this is unintended, nobody seems to know what causes it and in this video nobody was doing anything to her, she just died.

Here’s the first thread posted here discussing this - Did anyone ever one-hit Aria? (Glitch)


Haha it happened to me once yesterday. Quite odd.

And here I thought only Attikus is dying :slight_smile:

She just said to herself: “f this sh” and quit ^^. Pure rage quit!

At least she didn’t bug out the mission ^^

Her loss, no XP or credits. Did you report her for leaving the match early?


Oh, this happened to some of my friends and I yesterday. Maybe it could have something to do with being at 100 ops points? I’ve played through the mission a bunch of times for skins without getting to 100 ops and I’ve never seen it happen before then.

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I’ve watched your video, and really hoped to be able to see the map… Did anyone else have the map on video the moment she died? I’m wondering if she teleported out of the map too for you.

If her teleporting out of the map is the problem, they could easily make that area like the Heliophage. When the boss gets in that area, she spawns back in the middle.

Pretty sure this has happened to me as well.

We were losing to her quite badly and then suddenly she was gone in one of my earliest high ops point runs.

This is her teleport skill. Normally she does that to get close to a player and hit him with a melee strike, but sometimes, apparently, she teleports to a wrong place. Maybe Deande messed with her GPS))

@deemsss123 @maskerader I thought this too, you do see her disappear from my screen just before she “died” and lowlines was respawning at the time, but she didn’t do the animation she usually does before teleporting, she just vanished… :confused:

Watched the video. Yeah, it really looks strange. The flash is her death, not the teleport I thought at first.

She moved to the stairs’ side and immediately disappeared. Two seconds later - the flash which normally appears right at the moment she recieves last hit. Felt through the flour?

Now if only this happens to me…

The mysterious “B” strikes yet again

Oh! I actually have a video with a visible map!
Sorry, I can’t properly link it. I’m stuck using my phone since my computer’s out of commission.

You gave Aria too much time to read Mellka’s level 9 helix choices, reflect on how terrible they are, and self-destruct as an act of compassion.


That seems like the most likely scenario lol

EXACTLY that happened to me! Like, the place where she teleported to on the map is the same. I guess I should send my video and match ID to Gearbox Support so they can fix this. (Even though I don’t mind it. ;p)

It looks the same. She disappeared while being close to that central platform where she spawns/recharges, 2.5 seconds later there goes the flash of her death.