Site for SHiFT-Codes ready

hey :slight_smile:

I guess most veterans know about the SHiFT-Codes, a collection will be up at
Orcz again, thanks to who ever already created the entry.

SHiFT-Codes are released from Gearbox at various occasions and can be redeemed for a plethora of possible rewards.
The most obvious ones for Battleborn may be (new) skins or gear for your loadouts, as well as additional slots for bank and loadout. make sure to share when you see a code that isn’t there yet :sparkling_heart:


This game has SHIFT codes already?

Not yet. But they will be given for the community challenges, so presumably other things, too.

Oh, neat!
Btw I had asked a question on these forums that apparently got lost in the sea of other threads, but perhaps you will know!
Will we be notified once each challenge has been completed so we can turn our efforts onto the others?

Only going on past experience, I would think so, yes. Gearbox might do it differently.

First shift codes are expectged May 3rd, or as early as the evening of May 2nd :slight_smile:

First Shift Code is up :slight_smile:

Dope. Will try it out later.

its for the three golden skins from the challenges

yup, got them too

Do you actually have to own a copy of the game for the code ( Shane, isac, and benedict gold skins ) to work? Because I’ve put the code in multiple times and nothing has happened except it keeps telling me to try again.

I think you have to type the code into shift on battleborn? Maybe? That’s what I did personally.

Yes, you have to own a copy of the game, which they stated in the challenge blog post:

Collectively complete these three challenges and we’ll reveal a SHiFT code on May 3, 2016 that can be redeemed for FREE skins. Everyone who purchases a retail copy of Battleborn will be able to redeem the SHiFT code.

I’ve confirmed this as I bought the Digital Deluxe version and have redeemed the code whereas my fiancée, on the same console, can’t redeem it.

do I need finish something for redeem SHIFT code?
I’m not finish prologue and can’t redeem code now.

No, I’ve not played the prologue yet but have redeemed the code (in Extras > Shift).

I also started with redeeming Shift before going into Prologue, it worked fine.

maybe my error is temporary thing :confused:
I can redeem code now. thanks for reply

if you login your shift account and try to redeem the shift code right away it didn’t work for me. I needed to back out of the menu first and then i could claim my shift code.

ah you’re right. I launch Battleborn and redeem the shift code right away - get error.

My Steam account is already linked with Shift.
It connected right away.

I when I try to use the shift code for PC it fails and says its not a valid code. Yes I triple checked what I typed in.