Site that helps you find co-op players and trades

What up Vault Hunters?!

Being a huge fan of BL2 and now jumping in to the Handome Collection, one thing I wished for was an easy way to find players on-the-fly to do Raid bosses, trades and general tom-foolery when I played BL2. Yep. I said tom-foolery.

This past week I launched to do just that!
This way you can come to one site to find players for whatever you’d like to do.

Check it out. And the more we have using, the better it will be and for the community. If you like the site, please spread the word!


you know they do have a hook up/trade section here right?

Not that your site is not a great idea but I don’t see the point.

LFG tools are extremely useful to find on-the-fly groups. Say you log on and want to do a Raid boss but none of your friends are on. Use a LFG tool like my site as a method to find a pickup group. But more importantly, my site is a way to list your name but then unlist once you are not available (you found a group). The hope is to make it more manageable.

Secondly, there are so many disparate forums for co-op, trades, etc. Listings stay up for a long time so its tough to understand what’s timely and accurate. So you go searching many places or you get no response. My site is in hopes to bring the community together to one location to find people quickly.

Lastly, my site has functionality you don’t have on forums. Low barrier to entry: no authentication needed.
Options to filter what you are searching for.
I also plan to add more options such as “have a mic” and live chat rooms.
It’s also mobile optimized.

Take a look at my site if you’d like to see an active LFG site and what this could be.

Thanks for putting the lfg site together. I have used the one for destiny numerous times and its great.

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