Skag Tamer in BL3

After doing the side mission with Dukino in Lynchwood me and a buddy were thinking of the possibility of a character in BL3 of being a skag tamer. The action skill would be calling in a skag to fight with you. As you leveled up it would get bigger and turn into a super badass skag or something like that at high levels. Wanted to make this post and see what you guys thought of this and possible suggestions to this class.

That actually sounds like a very creative idea, I don’t really have any suggestions as to what might be in the perk trees, but it does sound like a very viable character!

You’ve made me think that maybe a Loader Bot would be kinda fun as well! The action skill could be something similar like summoning a surveyor to heal and drop bombs.

I had an idea similar to this but instead of just one skag you would slowly gain more and more creatures of Pandora to help you, bullymongs, stalkers, rakk, and maybe even a thresher as you progress down one of the trees.