Skagzilla drop rates nerfed - remaster?

I know, this is the ultimate in conspiracy theory, but…

In the last 6 or so runs through the Duhl Headaches I’ve dispatched Skagzilla, of course.

And dang me if it doesn’t appear that it’s drop pool has been nerfed.

When the remaster came out Skaggy was documented (here by a few of us) to drop some good stuff, the Elephant gun and the new remaster legendaries.

I haven’t seen hide nor hair of these in the last number of runs, in PT1 or PT2.

Now I know it’s very unlikely that anyone at Gearbox is paying any attention to BL1:Remaster at this point, but what gives? Is anyone getting the new legs. or Ele. gun from Skaggy?

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I would have to check the drops. But I haven’t seen a single update to BL1R on XB1 in forever, while there’s been no mention of any hotfix release at all. And 6 runs isn’t really a whole lot: I’d be more concerned if you got above 20 or 30 and still didn’t have anything.

I’d typically agree, but I was getting at least one thing, either the e-gun or a leg, at least every other kill after the remaster hit.

Again, paranoia.

Last run I did, I was getting relatively consistent purples from nine-toe’s skags. Might not be related, but I think they are effected by the same mechanism that buffed some boss drops in enhanced.

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