Skill Carharsis Amara problem

its like using guns with splash damage, or grenades.

Many things can cause self damage. If you are using them make sure you can keep your distance or use crowd control.

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This skill sucks a lot in a game where lot of enemy rush at you. Especially considering you’l rarely find it usefull as most enemy that matter are rarely close from one another

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this isn’t a rocket launcher, you can’t swap it out without spending cash and going back to sanctuary, it shouldn’t do self harm,

Anything with elemental splash is deadly for Amara because when she specs into increasing her elemental dot damage it’ll also do more damage to yourself. So basically whenever you trigger a dot on yourself, you’re likely to kill yourself. Not only this, but if you kill something and then walk over their corpse, I have the impression you’ll also dot yourself. It’s incredibly annoying and I can’t count how many times I’ve killed myself. Some weapons can’t really be used due to this because it’s too risky.

I think something should change regarding this. I.e. I’m ok with splash damage on yourself (from weapons, not from skills like you mention here), but you should never be able to dot yourself.

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I disagree. I use Elemental Projector artifacts and that +183% dmg is a huge boost but only is effective if you can reguarly DOT yourself to get the boost.

But I agree that there should be someway to compromise on this.

Yeah, no. The only way to really take advantage of elemental projector relics is to DoT yourself. Removing that makes that artifact pretty useless.