Skill changes should be displayed ingame!

Hey guys,
to me its pretty confusing everytime they nerf or buff something in our skills the actual change doesnt show up ingame so to check the numbers you have to check all the changes and be sure you know what does what.
It would be way more easy if Gearbox would really show us ingame what was changed in the skills so we really know what we are specting in.
There is allways some invisible changes and you need to know that as a player wich turns out to be a lot of tedious work cause you allways need to remind yourself of that and that hotfix.
Its just a hell of a mess especially for casual players who dont even care for those changes cause they will never check the hotfixes and patches.
There is work to be done Gearbox!

If a change was made to a skill it is reflected in the skill tree. Showing past numbers for skills would be not only irrelevant but confusing to the casual players.

Nah they were getting chewed out every week over nerfs so now they are pulling a bungie or an eso and stealth nerfing all the shown data reads the same but you can easily feel it’s all wrong.

They dont show up in the skill three thats the point dude.
And yes it is indeed ver confusing.
As i can recall from specing today they show up as in day one of the game but correct me with ingame evidence that im wrong and i prove that im right.

Look at a skill that was changed or updated. The text of that skill will reflect the change made on the patch.

I get what u say but its really not showing up.
All the pet changes that had been applyed for fl4k for example made my pet so much better i just respect today but ingame it did not even tell that anything got changed.

They can’t even get the changes right let alone display them lol

I just logged on to my Fl4k, all the skill changes are visible in the skill description.

Whats ur platform then?
Also make and post the pictures.

Ill log in myself in 10 minutes and will do the same and then im going through all the hotfixes and show the actuall numbers.

I’m on PS4. I don’t need to post pictures. They are there and the only issue is all the typos for the added text.

If you have a statement make it visual so we can see that you are right i will show you all the data

You are making a statement to the contrary. You need to provide proof that there are no text descriptions. This isn’t some claim like I can do the new takedown in 2 minutes. This is a simple log on and look.

Here is one example. I’m not going to take a picture of them all and load them. The skills updates are all there on PS4.

So you are right with the pet bonuses but Fade away and Leave no trace dont pop up properly see here:

So Leave no trace has a retrigger delay of 0.5 sec.
And Fade away action skill time isnt 15 sec. its 5 sec and the crit isnt 200 % i think the value got nerved by 75 percent not quite sure.

The .3 second delay on LNT isn’t going to be listed because it is a mechanic taking place in the background.

Fade away is 15 seconds. Guerrillas in the Mist is 5 seconds and had the damage nerfed from 50% to 25%.

.3 sec delay is really something they should let you know ingame.