Skill Conflux Amara Siren

Hey guys
The skill CONFLUX / Amara no have "element cryo or effect freeze, in stattus enemy ,why not have effect??

I don’t think it does radiation, either. It’s probably not a coincidence that it is missing the two elements which Amara herself doesn’t naturally have access to.

All Amara’s skill that proc elements only work for the big 3: incendiary, corrosive, shock.

And you don’t want to cause freeze. Part of the reason to use Conflux at the highest meta is to proc 3 DOTs on yourself with Driver that then all get boosted with Elemental Projector. If you could proc freeze on yourself that would be REALLY bad. Radiation too because it seems to me like rad can eat through your shield fast and stays proc’d for a long time compared to other elements.