Skill cooldown gear NOT working?

Someone on another forum pointed that skill cooldown gear failed to work for him, so I went and tested it. (He is on Xbox1 and i’m on ps4)
The original post was : Basically I don’t think any cooldown reduction ITEMS work. Like at all. I tried it with Montana and my findings were this.

"The original cooldown for his frost mini gun is 16 seconds, that’s like as soon as you start a match now I had 2 items that gave me : 4.20 and 4.80 cooldown reduction for a total of 9‰. However after buying the 2 items my cooldown was still 16 seconds. At 9‰ it’s should be about 1 second off or 15 seconds. However if you choose a mutation that says 15% it usually drops it a good 4-6 seconds. "

I just tested it with Oscar Mike and confirmed that the skill cooldown item doesn’t change anything. On both skills. I also timed in case the countdown itself was accelerated, no changes. Anyone can confirm that? (I’ll upload a video a bit later)

No one? Can’t be alone to have noticed the gear doesn’t work for faster skill cooldown…

i don’t use any skill cooldown unless the skill already has a low cooldown, like Kelvins. To me, I think it makes FAR more sense to use that slot for anything else since a 1 second KD is a joke. 20-30% reload speed with a stat, is great. Or attack speed.

the gear itself still is not working, tho…that is my main bogus. To chose to use it or not is a different matter.

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Did you actually time it? Is it possible it affects the actual countdown?

I believe they just don’t stack properly as I remember stacking 3 pieces of sprint gear on deande and my friend was outrunning me as whiskey. Try just a 7% white piece and it might be noticeable.

I’ve tested cd reduction gear (On the PS4) it’s hard to get CD as a secondary stat but managing a perfect roll 7% primary and a secondary max of 4.20% netted me 11% which did… budum budum budummmmmmmmm-

Jack squat.

CD gear needs to be re-evaluated or removed. 1-2 seconds off of your cds especially since the majority average at 15+ seconds is negligible and in fact detrimental if you’re wasting precious load out slots to min max the stat.

There is (well was) a reason the Chrono Key was so highly sought after.

  1. It had Cd as a primary but who cares about that
  2. It’s unique passive did a direct cd reduction of 1 secs PER 500. That was noticeable and relevant cd reduction.

No other CD item comes close. Firmware update and Time killer are both a wash in that department.

Best advice. Min/Max the stats that you can notice an immediate difference in (Health,Shields, Attack Damage) and go crazy. OR if you’re into pvp the highest win rate load out right now is 2.10 shards per sec, 21% minus buildable cost (Both cheap 420 whites or flawed 0’s) and a 3rd item of your choosing, most likely a Vyns Quiver.


I have noticed but I just thought that the effect was so minor on the already low cool downs for Kelvin that It wasn’t noticeable.

So skill cooldown gear does nothing? Can we get Joe in here or a dev to explain what’s up?

I second this motion.
We call out to you @JoeKGBX ! YOU HAVE BEEN SUMMONED!!

It’s either not working or it’s percentage is so low it’s negligible.

It’s like this probably for balance reasons.

Some battleborn have helix options that can lower each of their cds SOME even have multiple that can lower them even more so.

So if some one were to hypothetically stack a primary/minor/minor Cd load out page that’s a potential extra 15% Cd reduction on top of it.

So in short cd gear is tailored for min maxing as is all the gear. Find a champ with multiple built in cd drops and stack on top of them (El dragón is a good example)

I timed it manually many times on different characters. No change. At all

It was only one second per 500 damage.

60 / 1.07 = 56.07

So it is working, it’s just not a big boost.

Was it one second? I’m away from the game so a lot is off of memory. I’ll edit. Thank you.

I’m aware of the marginal benefit. I did a follow up post mentioning the min/max nature of CD gear and how it’s best applied.

Cheers on the vid, if you can roll 2 gears with minor cd tags and test it we can get a better grasp of the higher potential of a CD reduction centric load out and it’s worth or not! (not worth imo, calling it now)

Yeah I was just doing it for the OP since he claimed it didn’t work. And on your 3rd point I wish I could but I’m about to leave to go on vacation, so I can’t really do it.

But if it works like it does in Borderlands then the highest you can get with standard gear is…

7 + 4.2 + 4.2 = 15.4%

X / 1.154 =

So for Airstrike it would be…

60 / 1.154 = 51.99 seconds

Many thanks for those who tested it and proved me wrong. But in cases where the skill cool down is not big enough to even make it a full second, is it possible that the game ignores it? If I was wrong, which seems very likely, my most humble apologies.