Skill Damage Miko Questions

  • Is Molecular Mycology (the poison dealt after the initial attack) affected by Att Dmg or Skill Dmg?

  • Are Biosynthesis and Fungus Among Us affected at all by Skill Dmg?

1 Skill Damage
2 Yes

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How exactly are Biosynthesis and Fungus Among Us affected?

Greater Healing Beam? Mushroom with more health? mushroom provides more health per second?

Skill damage gear supplies more healing for Bio and FAU

Heal beam (or AltFire) is affected by attack damage gear


As said above; Skill damage.


  • Biosynthesis - Increases the self-healing effect, not the healing beam modifier. If you use Regenerative Aura at level 2, that amount will also be affected by Skill damage.

  • Fungus Among Us - Increases both the amount of healing it gives as well as the damage you get if you pick Vicious Strain at level 10.


Thanks, this is going to help

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Actually, I have another question.

Regenerative Aura and Biosynthesis would stack with Skill Dmg and Heal Power/Healing Received respectively, correct?

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that is correct. the values will stack as if they were the same kind of gear. hence why heal power gear has higher stats than ad and sd - theyre competing for the same abilities.

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Yes. If you want to stack healing, then you put on a heal power and a skill damage or attack damage piece of gear (or both) since their main values are higher than secondary healing stats (9.10%>7.00%). Which one depends on what you focus on.

Running an AoE healing build would benefit from skill damage while a single-target healing build would benefit from attack damage.

So much healing is going to happen tonight. Thanks guys, this is exactly what I was looking for.


Just keep in mind that even with your new found healing skills, every time your allies die they’ll still blame you. :slight_smile:


sorry for the minor necro everyone, but I was wondering how skill damage gear that added bonuses affected healing? since it directly says bonus damage I’m slightly defensive it might not effect all the healing/skill damage ones (aka miko’s FAU and bio, ambra’s sunspot, alani’s main heal and healing river/geyser)

would it also work for these that have similar (but different) variable skill damages?


Lorrain makes ur dot from kunais/sunspot/wave to deal extra 30% (randomly) same with bolas extra 12%, codex is a 9%.

Only codex is the only one with self healing or aoe healing lvl 2 left buff increase.

Honestly i wouldnt recomend any of those to any healer.

Lorrain/bolas doesnt help u unless u r going for a specific dmg built while codex help your healing the stacks are lost so fast… You need to ger constantly dmged but thats not something everyone wants…

Right, these would buff the damage dealt, but would they also buff the healing dealt in those specific situations?

Aka if I threw down a FAU, the first heal would do normal damage, and then the second HoT would (possibly) do 9.1% more (same for bio healing others) thus giving an improvement to healing once they’ve been healed by heal skills

From codex? If you have full stacks u will do the extra 9.1% healing

Bolas and lorrain are dmg dealt, it used to be posible to heal more, allies who were under the effect of old bolas as it was extra skill dmg recive from all sources on x target for x seconds

You actually are making me curious about something else, stable executioner on miko…would it randomly boost healing on the beam?

No i tried it already.

Edit: not recently tho… And gear gets stealth buffs constanty =_=

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It may be the legendary attack is tied to primary attacks(as in the button), so ambra might benefit but that’s iffy

If you try it let me know, i tested lorrain spike with marquis to see if it worked with his passive, what i got? Ghost bullets and ghost passive!!