Skill order for Elemental Phasecast Amara?

When it comes to an Elemental Phasecast build is it best to race to the final skill (assuming Fist of the Elements tree) or is it better to work towards getting Ties that Bind and Stillness of Mind?

From what level? My skill points early game end up all over the place since you don’t have enough to make much of a build anyways. I’d probably put a point or two in brawl for health regen then max mystical assault if you’re wanting an action skill focused build

Mid thirties at the mo, I like having a goal in mind. looking at the Angel of Death Build.

I don’t worry too much about the specific build until max level since a lot of them require specific gear. I’d still stick with getting the avatar capstone and getting used to the rush stacks. If you’re already playing in mayhem mode I’d recommend getting TTB