Skill points and levels

Too bad they don’t add content to Add skill points not levels. Would be fun and increase various builds. Yet not fall into the trap of regrinding items. Or perhaps Have a new currency so we can upgrade our current items to the new level cap.

Your level 50 gear should still doing nice in M4.

Yup i Have had no problem running M4 (Minus TD) everywhere, indeed been using different guns as they have dropped. Never realised just what a mob killer The Carrier is and I dropped one with 100% Sntnl Cryo. :sunglasses:

What they should’ve done, is used the weapon trinket slots for anointments. Farm for those separately instead of having to farm a weapon over and over again hoping for an anointed version you want. Wouldn’t be as bad if you just had to farm for a the weapon with the element you need.

It’d also would’ve been nice if Eridium had a use. Like we could use it to level up or retool an anointment. Heck just being able to pay Eridium to change the scope out on an otherwise great gun would be cool (looking at you iron sight Bekah :dizzy_face:).


100% agree that better use could be made of Eridium, I have to hope that Gearbox are thinking the same thing.

That’s a brilliant idea. A plus 1 to you.

They should just implement a way for players to level up weapons and gear to the maximum level of the players.
This would eliminate most of the problems of people not wanting a level increase.
It should be done in a way so it takes considerable resources to upgrade each peace of gear so it doesn’t stop the natural flow of farming for new gear and lets people keep their perfect gar they worked so hard for.

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That is the best idea yet! (@Noelle_GBX)


Then how would anointments get applied to grenades and shields?

It’s simple. By adding a trinket slot to shields and grenade mods.