Skill points glitched out ! My psn: WarEagle376YT

I just maxed out my moze character to lvl 50 today but for some reason all my skill points have disappeared from my skill tree now I only have 5 skill points. Can you fix this?

ALL of my skill points are gone on my Amara even though she’s 50 so I can’t even Respec to get them back but since you have 5 have you tried respecing?

Yes I tried everything its been like this for four hours now. But a guy from 2k support told me that a fix is coming out soon for it.

I’ve already sent the ticket 2 times, I think they don’t know how to fix it.
This issue was found in Sep. , there’s so many player reported this and 2k/gearbox still don’t fix this fu*king sh_t issue !! I can’t believe that sh_t !!

That’s too sad, my Amara lost one point, so only 1 sustainment can be purchased, only 4% life steal from my damage…“cb__2768336927___p__3923861329-5_476948369-1_2419426545-3_3653546161-5_4223438069-1_2293914278-3_1535860645-3_69544143-5_466974429-5_335451024-5_1013120097-1_2136538075-3_3314723340-1_1889856087-1_946253125-3_2855324264-2___e__3806476316-3547096573”