Skill Points Reset - XBox only or issue for all platforms?

Talking about action skill points, not the infamous BAR reset. Is anyone else having this happen to them when they join an on-line game? If so, what platform are you on? What was the host doing when you joined e.g. were they in a menu, in combat, at a vending machine… ?

Looking for clues, and would love to know how to avoid this happening.

Yes, happens to me sometimes (maybe – regularly?) on PS3 when joining. When hosting, some players also report it happening to them. Can’t say it’s correlated with anything in particular.

This bug has been around since BL2.

I find it happens regularly when I join with Claptrap. But it has also happened when I have joined with Wilhelm. X360.

edited: Oh and I saw your original post about skill points being reassigned so I wanted to add this. When my points are reset, I find that not all of them are reset. Usually, 3 or so are in various skills and I believe they are skills in which I had previous points. It is actually more annoying than having all my skills reset because I am not sure where those extra points are


Ok, so it’s not just me seeing that aspect.

On a side note, if any of you decide to file a support ticket about this with Gearbox, you can cite ID 79014 as a related report.

this bug was one of the main reasons I went to pc, I used to get this once a month at least on xbox.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across it, so it’s probably just an Xbox issue.

You’ve been lucky then - see @CDR_Shepard above for a PS3 instance. I can say that I managed to completely avoid this in BL2, although I saw it happen twice to my son when he dropped in locally to an on-line game I was already in.

Sadly, my experience on TPS has been abysmal in this one regard though - happened again to my friend last night when he (playing Nisha) joined my (Claptrap) game.

There also seems to be some issue going on with the hotfixes, as I’m getting inconsistent grinder behaviour with purples, and the 150 moonstone backpack SDUs are on offer at Crazy Earl’s when they’re supposed to be blocked until a fix is out to stop the slots disappearing from your inventory. Yet I’m clearly signed in to XBL so I should have the hotfix in place. It is all very odd.