Skill Points Still Being Randomly Unassigned

Got hit with this long-standing bug last night:

Fired up TPS, got through all checks etc. (latest update and comp. pack already applied, SHiFT authenticated). Selected a character (Claptrap) then joined a friend’s game in progress (NVHM). Everything went through as normal, but once I’d spawned in all my skill points had been respecced. Well, not quite all - the first one appeared to already be assigned (unless I clicked the relevant button without realising?)

Is there any word at all on possible causes of this, and potential work-arounds to avoid it happening? A permanent fix would be nice, but I’d quite happily settle for a “Do X; don’t do Y” for now!

VH- I’ll pass this along to the team for you right now. In the meantime, go ahead and fill out a support ticket when you have time. Thanks for the heads up!

Just point me in the right direction for TPS tech support, and will do!

Here ya go!

Thanks. Apparently, I’m only one-third human as I failed the Captcha twice before it was happy. Some of those warped texts are exceedingly ambiguous…

Heh, maybe I should try installing Android!


Just an update: support suggested the usual - re-download the compatibility pack, clear the system cache. It doesn’t work: STILL getting the problem every time I join my friend’s game using my Claptrap, and sometimes Nisha. He’s had it happen once or twice when joining my game, and I’ve seen the same problem happen before in BL2.

If anyone at all has any kind of fix or work-around, I would appreciate it. Re-assigning 5 or 6 skill points isn’t too bad, but my Claptrap is now level 25 and remembering what I had before is getting harder…

And I REALLY hope this doesn’t end up in a BAR reset glitch…

@VaultHunter101- did you end up getting the support ticket filled out?

Yes, but it got closed when it took me a while to get to checking the “clear system cache” option. I filed a comment saying the issue was still unresolved. I’ve also started a thread in the general discussion section, trying to find out how prevalent the problem is. I know it’s been around since BL2 (and still occurs in BL2). I would really like to see this bug squished permanently!

Agreed. I’ll look into this a little today.

@joekgbx: Just an update on this. The last three times I’ve joined my friend’s game with my claptrap, I’ve not had the skill point reset. Similarly, he’s managed to avoid it on his Nisha when joining mine. I don’t know what the actual ‘trick’ is, but here’s what we’re currently doing:

  • Save and quit from current solo game
  • Select character and play-through, even if that is the one we will be using in co-op
  • Select friend’s game and hit “A” to join
  • When the first dialog box comes up, wait until the background finishes loading before clicking ok (I usually wait until the game tips start appearing along the bottom of the screen)
  • When the confirmation dialog box comes, wait until the background finishes loading before clicking ok

Going straight from my game into his by pausing the menu and then selecting his game seems to be an issue, as does clicking on the “confirm using this character” as soon as it appears. I’m guessing something is being transferred in the background, but gets pre-empted if you click through too quickly?

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