Skill Progression?

I really enjoyed using this build on OP8, so I’m starting a Gunzerker character. I’m just coming back to Borderlands so I was wondering which skills I should invest in first. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

for this build personally, i would go down the gun lust tree part first… just for no kill like over kill… if you grind normal mode hard enough (do every sidequest and do dlcs) you should get to level 37… then that tree will be done for tvhm

Alright, I don’t like doing every side quest on normal because I’m just going to get to TVHM anyways. The most I usually do is the E-Tech quest and “This Just In” so I can get an infinity and bee to power level at Marcus’.

yea, I just did every quest because I’m weird… but power lvling marcus works aswell…

Are you starting from scratch ?

If so, check out the little leveling guide at the bottom of this:

Yeah, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

Aw crap…all the links were broken when the page was archived :weary:

Level 15:
Level 31:
level 47:
Level 53:

Then, keep adding points to the gunlust tree as you see fit.

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I got it, it was just an error with the URL, thanks though!

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I have to disagree with the level 47 spec.

From 31 to 46, drop those points wherever you feel they serve you best.

At 47, re-spec and start with the lvl 31, then work down Gunlust to Down Not Out (the skill that lets you gunzerk in FFYL).

I can’t stress enough how helpful keeping your gunzerk in FFYL is. I believe it is only overshadowed by the need for nearly continuous gunzerking provided by the rampage tree. Use transfusion grenades or stick a moxxi in your loadout if you need more healing.

If you have a good blue berserker COM, with bonuses to Last Longer and K̶e̶e̶p̶ ̶I̶t̶ ̶P̶i̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶H̶o̶t Yippie Ki Yay, you could shave off points from rampage and get Down Not Out several levels earlier. Something like this.

That’s good advice too. Personally, I played through all TVHM without a single point in the gunlust tree and thanks to my massive investment in the Brawn tree, I rarely went down to actually need Down not out.

IMO, DNO is too far down the tree to be worth the investment with your meager allowance of skill points at that point, you will have to spec in so many things that don’t actually help (Sal’s DPS is more than enough at TVHM, and gunlust does little else )

At that point i’m just gonna say “try both and see for yourself”

Doh. Edited.

Thanks for putting these builds up. I’ve found Sal to be not quite as obvious a path skills-wise as e.g Maya and help like yours is invaluable

Question on your L31 build, which I’m following as I’m now L21. I’ve noticed you don’t put any points in “I’m Ready Already.” Given his long cool down, isn’t it worth it over, say, Yippie Ki Yay? You already have an extra 15 seconds from Last Longer and I’ve found I’m sometimes 'zerking an empty room :slight_smile: Isn’t it worth doing little and often, as opposed to all in one go, as it were?

Please don’t think I’m criticising. I’m genuinely appreciative of the help offered but curious as to the reasoning

Sal is often criticized for being “easy mode”… but most people that say that don’t think their builds for themselves and just copy them from the net…and there lies the true difficulty with Sal: making tight builds :slight_smile:

If you are still level 20 or so, I’m ready already is an interesting choice, but as soon as you can take Get Some, it becomes much less interesting.

When Get some activates, you get 3 seconds of cooldown (even when gunzerking) Which means that with some points into YKY and Last longer to extend it as much as possible, you will usually end your gunzerk with over 3/4 of your cooldown done (and if you’re efficient, or using a Berserker COM, will have a complete cooldown and have a new gunzerk ready even before the last one is finished)

Since the cooldown provided by Get Some is NOT affected by any cooldown reduction effects (like I’mRA or a proficiency relic) you only benefit from those points in I’mRA when you are out of gunzerk for those few seconds you are in real cooldown. Net gain: about 2 seconds shaved off … if that. Not a good investment.


Thanks. So, if I understand you right, Get Some activates cooldown once the “normal” Gunzerking time has finished and is not affected by other skills which may extend gunzerking? I hadn’t realised that. Good info :thumbsup:

Get Some shaves time off of your action skill cooldown regardless of whether you are gunzerking or on cooldown.

With the right combo of skills, COM, and enough enemies to land shots on to trigger Get Some, you will be able to completely cooldown your action skill while you are still gunzerking… another gunzerk will be ready as soon as the current one ends. This is why the rampage tree is so powerful and is usually skilled first.

Get Some is not effected by any other modifiers. Land a shot and you reduce your cooldown for three seconds. Then you can do it again.


Er… no :stuck_out_tongue:

Get some gives you 3 seconds worth of cooldown whenever you shoot something. Independently of what’s going on. That can happen at any time, in or out of gunzerk. So when you just started gunzerking, you might see that cooldown bar start to fill up.
But, that free cooldown isn’t affected by cooldown reduction skills.

Skills that make gunzerk longer simply allow this to happen more often without you being out of gunzerk.

You normally have 42 seconds to wait before your next gunzerk is ready again, so if you activate get some 14 times, you completely reset your cooldown.

If you want to gunzerk non-stop, you have to be able to gunzerk for at least 42 seconds (since Get Some gives you 3 seconds of cooldown…and can activate every 3 seconds) That’S where Last longer and YKY come in: they don’t make Get Some work better per se, but they allow you to stay in gunzerk longer for get some to do its job more often so that you spend as little time as possible out of gunzerk.


Cool, thanks :+1: