Skill reset bug/broken character


I loaded into a takedown on m4 and my skills were reset. I exited game so I could load in solo and go fix my skills in sanctuary. I’ve got 48 unspent skill points being level 50, but I’m unable to purchase any skill points because the game is registering me as level 1. All of my equipment is fine, level 50 gear.

I tried the following:

Closing and reloading the game
Switching to different characters then reloading my siren
Going out and killing a few things to move the exp bar (only getting guardian exp because I’m capped at 50)
Trying to respec at the new u (wont let me respec since none of my skill points are spent)
Loading into another takedown through LFG to try to get the level up reset

So. My siren is completely unplayable. I’m not a coder, but seeing as how characters loading into zones from the social LFG queue display a level up animation when they load in I’d imagine it has something to do with that.

What platform? Depending on that, there may be a way to roll back to an uncorrupted version of your save file, but you’ll need to act quickly.

Xbox one

That being the case - and since you mentioned you tried switching character and back - you may be out of luck. You could still try removing your local game save data then launching the game to restore your cloud saves for the game - if the system didn’t upload the corrupted version then you’d effectively roll back to the previous one. Note that doing this does mean you’d lose any off-line progress if you’d been playing that way.

Otherwise, you can report the incident via a support ticket, although they won’t be able to do anything about the save file (since saves are local to your platform, GBX has no access to them.)

(Moving over to the XBox tech support section.)

Well that sucks. I’ll try to offload her gear to the bank and level up another one. As long as the gear isnt lost not a huge deal.