Skill tree Comparison: Sentry vs. Ready ; Laser Sight vs. Willing ; Onslaught vs. Able

I’m not overly knowledgeable about his skills so I won’t comment much.

If I had to choose between the two:

  • Sentry - Ready is nice, but having one’s turret up longer is more valuable to me.
  • Willing - Laser Sight is… handy with a single point so you can see what the turret is focused on, but compared to decent shield buffs, I’ll take Willing.
  • Onslaught - Able is nice, but weaker than I’d like; the run speed with Onslaught is way more fun.

Sentry vs. Ready - I have at least one point in both of them in all my builds. The amount of points depends on the class mod I’m using. So I can’t really choose. They’re both great skills and far more useful to various different builds than you’d think from their description.

Laser Sight vs. Willing - Willing. No doubt about it. Laser Sight is kinda worthless and Willing is one of Axton’s best skills.

Onslaught vs. Able - I also usually invest in both on my builds, but if I had to choose just one, it would come down to what the build focus is. Both are very good skills, but I think Onslaught would be my choice in the end. The increase in speed from Onslaught saved my ass a lot more than Able did, but I do like both and usually invest in both if I have the points.

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I reject the comparisons! You want 26 points in that tree. All of these except Laser Sight are in my build. 4/5 Onslaught is the only one not maxed. They’re each great. Able is sadly underrated.


Not to disagree but my new Axton has only 15 points in that tree, with only 1 in Ready and 3 in Onslaught- Sentry and Willing are maxed and I picked up Scorched Earth (this build is running Gemini/Nuke as capstones).


If you start an Axton who never knows the crutch of free slag from the turrets, it’s a fun build/playstyle. I keep trying it, but I’m too used to the free slag as a Commando. I ran a build like this through the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve at OP3, and it totally works… you just have to manually slag your targets. Remember that if you stretch your points to those two capstones, you can still get fifteen points down the Guerilla tree, which opens at least Sentry, Ready, Willing, Onslaught, Scorched Earth, and Able (and Laser Sight if you’re so inclined).


I have one Axton (currently about level 55) who I took to Nuke during TVHM that I’ve been slowly (VERY slowly) working through UVHM. My main thought was “Double nuke turret explosions? My poor 360!” I imagine co-op with four double-Nuke Axtons could be very… entertaining.

Is your Axton also a Torgue allegiance character? Because EXPLOSIONS!

I’ve run Nuke + Gemini builds with Axton a bit. I missed Double Up less than I missed most of the skills on the way up to it. I’m spoiled from the reload speed, shield skills, etc. It’s such a great tree!

Not sure if you’re asking me or @Adabiviak but my new Axton (aka Mike Irons) isn’t an allegiance character but does sport a Master Grenadier, Impact Rifleman or L. Soldier, depending on the area. He uses a Casual Swordsplosion, Guaranteed Baby Maker, Stabbing Ogre and Rapid Infinity with a 26% explosive relic, Antagonist and x4 MM- more than enough slag and with the grenade buffs the x4 MM is a real killer…BTW, almost forgot the build:

[quote=“VaultHunter101, post:8, topic:1551099”]Is your Axton also a Torgue allegiance character? Because EXPLOSIONS![/quote]While my Torgue allegiance Commando is the one who typically gets Nuke, I actually gave this to my Dahl allegiance character, because Torgue does not make slag gear, and without Double Up, it would be rough.

With dual Nuke capabilities, Axton becomes (as far as I know) the only character capable of two successive knockbacks (with very fast cooldown), which can really throw enemies off cliffs or pin them into a confined space, if not outright kill them.