Skill Tree Glitched

So I’m level 38 on Fl4k, but I have 0 skill points after playing a round of Circle of Slaughter. Did I do something wrong or is there a way to fix this? I’m doing no damage and can literally not progress in the game. I’ve restarted my game, my Xbox, and I’ve tried using respecs.

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@maliqseal my fl3k is bugged in the skill tree as well I’m level 50 and I’m missing a skill point ik it’s only one but it’s still happened

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I literally have 0 points so I’m virtually useless rn:/

Looks like you inadvertently enabled Mayhem 5000.

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@maliqseal yeah mines only one but your is zero I wish best of luck to you there’s one thing I might be able to think of and that’s make a new beast master and see if it gets skill points

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Mine just won’t do any damage at all even when it’s not in mayhem mode

Oh ok did it work for you?

No clue mine is only 1 point so I didn’t bother to level up another but that’s the only thing I can think of is that it’s a character thing not account seeing as fl4k has a few bugs so this one we’re experiencing and the skag and spiderant both can glitch and just stand their until they die they won’t do anything even if you command them to do something eso their way just try remaking another one and see

It didn’t work, but I hope they can do something about this bc I’m close to finishing the story and i don’t want to restart every single mission.

Is it like that on other characters other than fl4k?

Also I hope they fix it so you can get your points but yeah that’s all I can think of

@maliqseal I just got a in game update don’t know what it’s about though

Ok I’m logging on rn to see if it got fixed. Sorry I have school haven’t been able to respond

@brittanyameripak yea it didn’t work, but I didn’t have an update

It’s not an update, it’s a hotfix from 19.09. It’s (re)uploaded every time you open the game in online mode and if you press Continue right after you get to the main menu it’ll ask you to go back to apply it bcs it didn’t have enough time.