Skill Tree Help Please

Is this skill tree any good? Haven’t actually done it on Borderlands yet, just wanted to see what people thought. Bear in mind I’ll also be using the Legendary Soldier class mod.


I’m no Axton expert, but I feel that Grenadier is a waste of points unless you’re using a specific grenade build. I’d run something like this

As I say though, i’m not an Axpert.

If you plan to make heavy use of grenades your build is fine, especially if you also spec Battlefront and Steady, otherwise I’d go with @Kuolemanlaakso build…

OK thanks peeps

I agree with the comments on grenadier. A lot depends on your play style. If you are aggressive and fast kills skills are for you. If not, more passive power skills serve you better. Anyway I’d respec as follows

  • Avoid spreading skill points all over the place as you do not fully maximise a skill i.e. (1 point in preparation and a in healthy)
  • For survivability, Preparation works better than Able as it is always on and has great synergy with Willing
  • I would take the points from Metal storm and put them in Impact and Expertise

But a lot is dependent on your play style and the gear you have: especially your shield, class mod and relic

He said he’s using the Legendary Soldier COM, so one point is fine for the boost.

Thanks I must have missed that in my haste :slight_smile:
But I still think that overpowering (10/5) Preparation works better than Able


The Fastball is an early and easy farm, so I think that if you plan to use it, then ‘Do or Die’ and Grenadier are a good choice. Even if you don’t build around it, it will be your best FFYL tool you’ll find while leveling, outside of maybe a Topneaa. So here is the build I recommend…

And if you have the level 72 cap and want the rest of the build, then feel free to ask.

OK thanks for the advice everyone, I’ll consider my various options :+1:

Is your goal to stay at 50, or are you asking what build to use as you start UVHM? In the latter case, I’d strongly recommend a Gemini build, something like this (still taking into account the Leg. Soldier COM).

I started UVHM with a Double-Up build like you’re discussing, and Axton sucked in UVHM. Went into retirement several times because his kill/death ratio was not much greater than one… :frowning: Switching to Gemini instead made an enormous difference, and he’s been pretty effective and enjoyable ever since. You’ll need a Slagga or something similar since the turret doesn’t help with slag until 68, but with Axton’s swap speed that’s no big deal.

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OK thanks everyone, I’ve come up with a bit of a compromise and so far it’s working great in UVHM

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If you are using the Legendary Soldier Class Mod, then make the build fit that as close as you can. Each time I change mods I respec to fit that mod for the bonuses.