Skill Tree? I have no skill... HELP!

Hello Ladies and Gents…

Level 29( almost 30 ) … I think I maybe the only player not at 50 yet! With limited time to play I admittedly have not studied all the variances regarding the Skill Tree for FL4K… initially I put many of my points in Fade Away but now I’m wondering if I should use the Rakk’s in conjunction with my Spiderant. I chose FL4k because I played Axton exclusively in BL2 and like the idea of having my enemies distracted while I deal max damage. So … I was hoping some experienced players could lend some insight into my tree spec thus far thanks.

For non FA leveling try,

Should be fun with your current mod.

If not here is another,

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Thanks I will take a look when I get home. A friend was telling me that Fade Away is a better option on end game. The Rakk’ s can inflict good damage early on. Is this generally true? I will say that on my current build I died maybe 8 times so far fighting all the Bosses… so while some are challenging it’s not impossible.

Fade Away is less gear reliant effective into endgame, but it’s gotten hit with nerfs with pretty much every patch. While yes Rakks skill damage is ok early game but does eventually fall off. They become good for procing anointed effects and certain skills though.

Any suggestions on a build that utilize Rakk’s based on my skill pts?

The second one in my first post was a mid level Rakk build.


Loving that these builds are up to date with all the nerfs and what not, doing really nice work! :smiley:

Quick question here:

Is there a reason that i like never see “Empathic Rage” as improvement for Gamma Burst? Sounds really hefty on paper.

I switch from Endurance to it for bosses. This is how I see it Fl4k isn’t really lacking for damage for himself, 20% is nice but it can easily be found else where. For early to mid level Aroma is more fun, while late game Burst Aid becomes more valuable as it’s the only thing Gamma Burst has to match the healing of FA and Rakks. Endurance is good for mobbing, to ramp up and keep Aroma going for early to mid, and then to keep the GB Anointment going in end game. Also ER’s screen effect can get annoying.

When they fix GBs cool down bug though, I could see ER and Burst Aid for mobbing as depending on your build you can really cut down GB cool down to reliably keep it up.