Skill Tree Idea I Tried Making for Amara, the Phase Fighter

Am I a bit early in making this? Absolutely. Do I have any idea how balanced this would be? Absolutely not. Was it fun to make? Hell yeah. So let’s jump into this skill tree, shall we?

Phasefury(Action Skill): Amara channels her siren powers to summon all six of her siren arms for X seconds to deliver a flurry of punches with primary fire and to release ranged blasts of energy from her fists with alternate fire. While Phasefury is active, Amara takes 25% less damage from all sources.

Tier 1 Skills:

Retaliation, 5 ranks - Taking damage adds a stack Retaliation, increasing melee damage by X% for each stack. All stacks are expended when a melee attack is used. The first melee attack used while an action skill is in effect amplifies the stacks. There is a 3 second delay between gaining a new stack of Retaliation from being damaged. Adds 10 stacks.

Before the Storm, 5 ranks - While in combat, standing still and taking no damage for 3 seconds will rapidly build stacks of Retaliation, increasing in speed with rank. Upon moving again, movement speed will temporarily be increased by X% for Y seconds. Adds 10 stacks.

Stand Proud, 3 ranks - Whenever an ally near you kills an enemy with a melee attack, gain a stack of Retaliation and recover X% of your health. When you kill an enemy with a melee attack near an ally, they recover X% of their health and their shield begins to recover. Adds 10 stacks.

Tier 2:

Trinity, 3 ranks - Landing a critical hit, melee attack, and killing an enemy within 5 seconds of each other restores X% of health and Y% of shields.

In The Zone, 5 ranks - Increase action skill duration by X seconds.

Open Palm, 5 ranks - Every melee attack heals you for X% of your health.

  • Element: Destroyer of Worlds - Converts Amara’s action skill to Radiation damage.

Tier 3 skills:

Siren Bringer, 1 rank - Melee Override: Pressing in the right stick sends out one of Amara’s siren arms to grab the enemy closest to the aiming reticule and bring them back to Amara. Upon arrival, the enemy is briefly stunned and afflicted by Amara’s action skill element’s effect. If melee’d within 1 second of their arrival, they are dealt bonus damage and knocked up.

  • Action Skill: Homing Chakra - Hold down the alternate fire while in Phasefury to fire off six blasts of energy that home in on enemies. Upon impact with an enemy, they explode in Amara’s action skill element and apply its effect.
  • Augment: Five Point Star - Extends Amara’s action skill duration every time she performs 5 melee attacks while it is active.

Tier 4 skills:

Closed Fist, 3 ranks - Consecutive melee attacks increase in X% damage up to a maximum of 5 stacks, at which point Amara releases a healing burst for Y% of health around her and the stacks start over. The stacks reset if no melee attack is performed for 3 seconds.

Return to Sender, 5 ranks - There is an X% chance for any elemental damage dealt to Amara to be converted to Amara’s action skill element and also applied to the enemy that attacked Amara. The enemy receives bonus damage and is always effected if they attack Amara with her currently equipped action skill element. Damage over time effects now last longer on Amara and also last longer when she applies them to enemies.

Self Control, 1 rank - While Amara’s action skill is activated, she no longer uses all of her Retaliation stacks at once, instead using only 5 stacks whenever she uses a melee attack, with their melee damage bonus diminishing as stacks are used.

  • Action Skill: Tiger Wave - Hold down alternate fire while in Phasefury to charge up and release a devastating beam of concentrated energy. The beam will continue for as long as you hold down alternate fire. You cannot adjust your aim while firing the beam.

Tier 5 Skills:

Pushback, 1 rank - This skill has 6 charges with a short cooldown in between each charge and then a long cooldown after all six charges are expended. Each charge expended lowers the damage reduction by 15%. Any enemy that strikes you with a melee attack will have their attack damaged reduced by 100%(down to 25% on the last hit) and be punched by one of your fists, dealing damage and sending them flying backwards.

Maximum Override, 1 rank - While Amara’s action skill is activated, all melee override abilities are enhanced and have no cooldown for the duration of Amara’s action skill. Blitz receives drastically increased range and now leaves a damaging streak of Amara’s action skill element in a trail behind her. Siren Bringer now grabs up to 6 enemies in front of Amara and crushes them as they bring the enemies to her, dealing extra damage.

In Your Element, 5 ranks - While Amara is being damaged by her action skill element, all of her damage is increased by X%, she recovers her action skill Y% faster, and her movement speed is increased by Z%. Damage over time effects now last X% longer when applied to Amara.

  • Augment: Dazing Fists - Enemies hit by Amara’s action skill are stunned for 3 seconds and take additional damage while stunned. An enemy cannot be stunned again for 10 seconds after being stunned once.

Tier 6 Skill:

Amara’s Wrath, 1 rank - Holding down the primary fire while in Phasefury now lets loose a relentless rain of punches from all six of Amara’s Siren arms. These punches are much faster than normal Phasefury punches, deal increased damage, and have increased range but Amara must standstill while performing the attack and Phasefury duration is lost quicker while performing the attack. Performing the attack for at least 3 seconds and releasing the button will result in Amara finishing the combo with one last explosive punch, dealing her Action Skill Element’s damage and effect in an AoE.

So that’s that, skill tree done. I really just wanted to do a more melee focused tree and to give her a melee mode like Brick and Krieg have in their games. I’m not terribly great with number balancing in games, hence all the X variables and whatnot.


I’m not sure about the balance honestly, but I don’t care because I love this idea. While I personally am still holding out hope for additional characters, if GB is going the route of additional skill trees to the 4 original Vault Hunters, this is the kind of direction I would like to see, the kind that introduce brand new play styles to the characters.

This skill tree is EXACTLY what I was hoping Amara would have (coming from someone who loved playing as Brick and especially Krieg in the previous games). I was a little disappointed that she didn’t have a true melee skill, as great of a character as she still is looks like.

Really big fan of Siren Bringer, a grapple skill is something I wish the previous melee classes had and I think this is perfect for a skill tree like this focused on getting in close. If I were to make one suggestion I say the knock back strike right after an enemy is pulled in should just be knocked back regularly, not necessarily back to their original position, or just simply deal additional damage no knockback. I just felt like the original location thing was a bit too complicated when a simple ragdoll/knock back would work but given the skill is about getting close, sending them flying back seems counterproductive imo. Still love the skill idea though.

The cap stone is just beautiful. Jojo and Asura’s Wrath in one. My only concern is as great as the skill is, I think the second half (with the walking and immunity) might be too OP especially combined with the regular flurry of punches. Personally I’d be totally fine with just having the ora ora ora with the final hit ending in an elemental explosion. If I were to tweak it, maybe instead of the rapid punches instantly consuming 5 seconds I would just have holding down primary fire lock Amara in place to release the rapid punches. Releasing the primary fire obviously would stop the punching and let Amara move. I just prefer skills to not be overly complicated, instead allowing for the strategies/builds with those skills having a lot of depth or versatility.

That’s just my two cents. Like I said love this idea and if we do get a dedicated melee skill tree added, I hope it looks like this.


You made some great points with Siren Bringer and Amara’s wrath. Knocking them back to their original locations kinda defeat the point of a get-over-here grapple move, I think I just thought the visual and combo looked cool in my head. But now its even cooler! Instead of knocking them away, it knocks them up(something that I’ve seen pop up a few times in the new character’s skill trees) and gives the damage bonus; this not only keeps them in range of your punches and leaves them defenseless, but also let’s pull of some sick air combos with times punches or say, Amara’s Wrath. Speaking of…

Made some changes to that one too. You were super right about it, simple is probably a lot better in this case. I liked the technical aspect of having to time to get the enhanced version, but that really doesn’t fit too well in BL’s gameplay style, does it? Now its like you suggested, just hold down the trigger when you wanna unleash the Fist and punch for a couple seconds and warm up and let go of the button to do the explosive finisher. No more damage immunity, but I did add a bit of DR to Phasefury itself so that you don’t get gunned down quite as easily whenever you try to use your melee skill. Picking even just one of the health regen skills should do well enough to keep you alive during the attack, I think, since both are going to be healing you faster if you’re punching faster.

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I actually really dig the knock up change to Siren Bringer. Visually I think it would just look cool but gameplay wise I think this new change could set up a really cool follow up with you or a teammate blowing that enemy away with a shotgun after they get launched up. With the changes you made, I got nothing else to add. Love the idea and hope the devs take a look at something like this in the future if they ever decide to add a melee focused tree later on. Keep up the good work :+1:t5:

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Love the build man, I don’t usually play melee characters but I do play Sirens and i gotta say this looks promising. I never intended on being a melee focused Amara but her current brawl tree is very disappointing, so when I tell you I would have tried a melee focused build because of this tree, that’s a compliment! Good job on the tree, very well done.

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great work.
i wish they made her a melee focused skill tree because that my favorite style when playing borderlands.
the only thing i can think of is when randy said they want to expand on the current vault hunters instead of adding new ones, is that down the road maybe we will get a melee focused skill tree.

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The idea of a melee mage defeats the purpose of having a mage, & what is with gearbox hatred for all things feminine lately I typically play female characters & this time around I only have a choice between 3 dudes & a robot.

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Amara is a siren, so she isn’t really a mage - more mage-like. And she and Moze are both female characters, so you have choices.


pets maya, amara, lilith, and athena

Don’t listen to the bad man mod, girls. He don’t know you like I know you.

Not all mages look like this


Some look like this