Skill Tree Loadouts

Can we get an option to have loadouts for our skill trees where we can swap from one build to another? It’s so tiring having to respec everything if I wanna try fun builds that dont work on higher mayhem lvls
I’m fine if they keep the fee between swapping but having the ability to preset certain builds and swap when I need them or want them would be glorious.


This is a great idea. I would love to not have to memorize my exact stats everytime I want to test something.
Maybe instead of paying to respec, you buy a loadout slot similar to an SDU. That’d be sick!


I submitted a proposal to 2K support to pass on to the devs. This has been a popular request, especially with more and more content that might require different approaches. And with players wanting to try new builds.


Definitely. I use a build where I typically have one class mod and trinket slotted for general slayage and another class mod and trinket for when I’m bossing: soloing (going in to your inventory freezes the action) it is more of an inconvenience, but when in co-op (where it doesn’t freeze) could get you killed. The ability to swap on-the-fly would be exceptionally useful.

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Either this or put a new-u at all the vending machine locations.


I’m not down with swap on the fly but it would certainly be great to not have everything wiped out. Rather right click to deselect, left click to select like many of the skill tree calculators have. Then a “finalize” button when you’re done.

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Generally speaking, if I want to make a new build, unless I currently have a character build I’m dissatisfied with which I can respect, I have to make a new character. Loadouts is something I’d find beneficial.

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Something we wanted since borderlands 1?!

Be thankful we have sliding and climbing and now have a priest we cant see oiling ur guns!

You guys asked for stuff and even thought dlc 4 will have krieg n maya though. Its obviously gonnna be about Ava… Because u guys asked for things and ur getting more Ava.

Im afraid to ask for qol tbh…

To be fair, I have asked for more Ava.

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I actually have to to flesh her out n make players get attached or like her…

Shouldnt have to take a dlc for that thoughnshoulda been in base game imho

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Yah it’s annoying i have to take screenshots or I screw it up.

thats even better! I’d love that

Wow really? Thank you so much!!

I’m still waiting on them fixing the UI for splitscreen so it’s actually legible. my gf and I cant really play it without standing in front of the tv anytime we get a skill, new item, or anything else text related

I posted this same idea on the BL2 boards when everyone was posting their wish list ideas for BL3. While they did hit a couple of my ideas (increased bank & backpack space) I don’t know how easy it would be for this to be implemented- but I sure as heck hope that it happens…

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I made a thread about this as well. Looks like it’s a no-go.

This has been suggested forever. It seems like a simple no-brainer but then so does a search feature for the bank and that doesn’t exist, either. It has also been suggested to provide the ability to save entire loadouts which would not only save your build but would also auto equip the associated gear you had equipped when you created it (so long as it’s in your bag) which would make swapping builds more seamless. These types of things are present in lots of other games but GB seems unable or unwilling to add such features.


it’s a good idea but for the most part, I think people who different builds just start up a new character for each specific build they want.

This would be bliss. Other games certainly have this - even games with much simpler variables. I had so many builds in BL2 I got sick of respeccing so much that I made multiple copies of each character with dedicated builds. But that got cumbersome.


just bc it’s easy doesnt mean it would exist. every little feature adds work and sometimes you gotta cut some stuff even if it otherwise would be useful.

I’m more annoyed at how bad and hard to read the UI is. i want that far more than anything else. even dlc since my friends and gf wont play due to how hard it is to read stuff in SC

why would they level up multiple versions of the same character and work 9001% harder to do something so simple. I use multiple builds but I had to save Screenshots to reapply. it’s easier than managing multiple characters with different equipment and level.