Skill Trees down because of JavaScripts? :O

Skill tree are still down, after like 4 or 5 days? annoying…

I checked the Amara page again and wondered… could it be a JavaScript error?

F12 for console and, could you believe it, a JavaScript error! :open_mouth:

angular.js?f2f85e1baa9f6a526d22:7 TypeError: Cannot read property 'forEach' of undefined
at new e (dist.js?7ef643de3ab24c9c61a2:1)
at dist.js?7ef643de3ab24c9c61a2:1
at angular.js?f2f85e1baa9f6a526d22:7
at angular.js?f2f85e1baa9f6a526d22:7
at c.$digest (angular.js?f2f85e1baa9f6a526d22:7)
at c.$apply (angular.js?f2f85e1baa9f6a526d22:7)
at angular.js?f2f85e1baa9f6a526d22:7
at x (angular.js?f2f85e1baa9f6a526d22:7)
at XMLHttpRequest.g.onload (angular.js?f2f85e1baa9f6a526d22:7) "Possibly unhandled rejection: {}"

Well… never liked AngularJS, guess I was right… :frowning:

Umm… although… thinking about it…
Looks like the ultimate cause is one of their API is down… :confused:

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yeah, my guess is API is getting updated with to reflect skill changes which almost certainly will come in upcoming patch.

I get a different Angular exception in Firefox (along with a buncha warnings, which is typical for a site that large), but the core issue seems to be no data found where data was previously expected.

I don’t like Angular either, I’m a React guy myself (and it’s not an either / or, I genuinely just don’t like Angular’s concepts around data binding), but this fault isn’t on Angular :wink:

Hey guys just to let you know google is your best friend.
This is the unofficial Skill Calculator.

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Yeah… I redid / saved my favorites build with it today! This site save me too! :smiley:
Plus nice short URL as well…

Most welcome mate.
I was checking it out on BL official webpage and also was wondering.
That was when i was looking for alternatives