Skill Trees in BL3

Are Skill Trees returning to BL3? I sure hope so. I remember when other RPGs were watered down throughout the years and it makes me cringe as a RPG lover. Anyone got info, it would be most appreciated.


We might found out on may 1. Unless gearbox leak it again on their social media accounts. :grin:

As we haven’t seen them yet it’s impossible to say but considering they are a big part of the previous games I’d be really surprised if we didn’t have a skill tree system of some kind.

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I heard somewhere (I don’t remember the source so take this with a grain of salt) that there will be multiple action skills, but with a more linear skilltree. The idea sounds interesting, I’m excited to see how it goes.

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Oh nuts. That singular skill tree better be as complex as Moxxi’s love life or I am gonna retch.


True that we technically don’t have an answer, but I HIGHLY doubt that they would remove skill trees or cut them down to a single tree. The trees are an integral part of the series and GB KNOWS that the fans would rebel against them if they took the RPG out of the Borderlands. Not impossible, but the chance that they did is nigh Zer0…